Freedom Run 5-K

“You can do anything for 21 minutes.”

This is what I say to myself before every 5-K.

Forget for a minute that I’ve only pulled off a 21 minute once (and that I very seldom run 5-K’s).

Yesterday was the Freedom Run 5-K.  Aaron was injured, so it was me and my sister and friend Loren who ran this race.

Loren is a crossfit/martial arts type dude who I’ve known since high school, and yesterday he ran his first 5-K since his days on our high school cross-country team.  So, naturally, there was some smack talking on facebook before the race.

Loren and I started off the race together, and we reached our first mile in 6:54, pretty close to my goal time.  But I couldn’t keep it up.

Meanwhile, the elites were running some ridiculous finish times.

For this race, and the last 10-K, I’ve had a weird issue.  I’ve felt like I’ve had to pee so bad that I am literally putting all of my concentration toward not having an accident.  (P.S., I love that I can talk about things like peeing to you.  As runners, I feel like pee is the least offensive of all bodily fluids/excrements that might come out during a race).

I don’t know if it is all in my head since as soon as I finish running, everything calms down, but my pace is absolutely affected by it.  My concentration goes toward avoiding an accident, and I’m terrified that if I run faster, then all hell will break loose. A 7:47 pace for a .1 mile sprint at the end of a 5-K is not my norm.

I finished in 22:47, 78th overall and 6th in my age group (4th if you take out the 2 elite ladies who finished 1st and 2nd overall).

This is obviously not the time I was shooting for.  But, whatever.  The new “take a chill pill” Amy is ok with this finish time.  (This is such a lie…I’m seriously saying WHAT THE F******CK but with a lot less asterisk).

Loren ran with me for the first 2.75 miles, and then sprinted ahead to finish about 17 seconds before me.  Go, Loren! Go!

And yes, he was wearing the Vibrams.

Such an attractive photo.

My sister ran the entire time without stopping! As soon as she heard me cheering for her at the end (i.e. saying GO FASTER), she totally sprinted toward that finish line!

{My sister and I  post race}

Afterwards we went to the post race party hosted by my friend (and Loren’s girlfriend) Kay’s non-profit.  We got bubbles and yummy food.

{My mom and sister, and Giuseppe sniffing out the pole}

And the boys did their manly exercises on park equipment.

I also made my race t-shirt based on something I found on pinterest! I took a $16 t-shirt from the Nike Factory outlet and made a racerback! You can find the instructions HERE.

You can see the racer back part in this picture.

I hope your 4th was wonderful! We grilled and had our own little fireworks show.  And….today feels like a Monday, but only 2 days left till the weekend!

22 thoughts on “Freedom Run 5-K

  1. Congrats on an awesome 5K time! I am totally with you – I do not do many 5Ks and prefer to avoid them if I can. BUT I told myself this summer, in order to be better, I have to race a few. I love your crafty shirt idea. I might have to try that out myself. 🙂 Have a great rest of your week!

    • I know we share a dislike of 5-K’s! (Though I’m pretty sure your marathon pace is faster than even my fastest 5-K pace!). At the very least, they are good speed workouts!

  2. 22:47?!?! Ah-mazing. I wish I would have done a race for the Holiday yesterday too, but with the weather we’ve been having, it sounds like a lot of them had shortened courses, etc. Congrats to your sister!

    • I’ve been hearing about all sorts of weather issues in that part of the country. It was a fun way to make sure I got a workout in, and there were some great costumes!

    • Thanks! The shirt turned out surprisingly well considering I can’t cut a straight line, but it was easy, and it would be great for lounging around in the hotness.

  3. Oh, my goodness, this was perfect to read for me. I’m contemplating doing my very first one next month and I am so nervous. I am giggling at the idea of… having an “accident” during it, which would TOTALLY be something that would happen to me, I just know it! My time will more than likely be double yours (I am wicked out of shape) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Just need to get over my nerves, of course.

    • You’ll do great! I still get nervous before every race, but there is such a great energy when you get to the start line, that you really get swept up in it and the nerves go away. And hopefully nobody has any accidents! I’ve only ever seen people throw up along a course (though apparently some of the elites actually wear diapers which grosses me out to no end).

  4. I absolutely love race photos…your picture isn’t even embarrassing. That is an exceptional pace for someone with a TRUTI (Temporary Race Urinary Tract Infection). I think I may start rocking the racer back as well…

    • That was the only one I was comfortable putting on the internet. My thought was, if I was going so slow, why do I look like I’m running for my life? And that TRUTI is a bitch. And, I really think you need to get on this racer back trend!

  5. I know we all have different goals and abilities and you were disappointed and I’m sorry, I want you to make the 21 minutes, but HOLY MACARONI, what you did, in my mind, is running like the wind!!! Race pic cracks me up 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m trying not to be too disappointed, but I think it is hard to know that I was able to do it once and can’t seem to do it again. But yes, it’s all about individual achievement! And race pictures are great, because most of the time they are so candid! And nobody can get away completely without having a really funny (to everyone else) one!

  6. Cute shirt. I’ll have to try that. I like the racer back look.
    I think your time is great, but I know what it’s like not to be thrilled with your time!! It can put me in a mood for the rest of the day! Side effect from being a runner! 🙂

  7. I like the part about being able to talk about pee. I was talking about doing my marathon to my boyfriend, and I was telling him my goals were to finish and to not poop myself – half joking. He asked, “is that seriously a concern of runner???” and I proceeded to tell him, oh yes, yes it is

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