Running Gear Update

Happy Day Before a Day Off! (unless you’re in Scotland or South Africa, or Canada, or anywhere not in the US).  I feel like days like today are pointless at work because all anyone wants to do is be on vacation.

It RAINED in Albuquerque last night.  Like, truly, ground soakingly rained.  This is such a rare occurrence, and it felt amazing and fresh as I did my tempo run this morning. There is talk of rain all week, and my poor little plants are doing dances in celebration!

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when we got into a whole shoe and compression socks discussion.  I thought I’d do a little update since I have gone ahead and made my purchases.

1) Brooks Adrenaline:  I bought these from Holabird Sports (my best running shoe secret if you don’t mind clearance shoes).  I did 6 miles in them on Sunday, and they seem to work great.  They do run a bit small, so I should have gone a half size up from my normal shoe size. As soon as I completely break them in, these will become my long run shoe.  So far, I’d say they are pretty comparable to the Mizuno Wave Inspires.

Also, how cools is the box design? I could look at all of the little details for hours!

2) Compression Socks: I had it in my head that I was going to go down to our local sports store (Sports Systems) and get my socks, and no way was I coming home without some.  So I went, and the nice boy was super helpful and knowledgeable! They only carried 3 brands, and as it turns out, my calves are abnormally skinny.  Little person, little calves I guess? So, this limited me to one brand, and I’m not going to lie, I was more partial to them because they had pink socks! So, I went with CEP Compression.  They seem to work well. They are still a bit long for my short legs, but my calves have felt sufficiently more recovered since I started wearing them!

Other brands that you all recommended were:

2XU (Aaron wears these)

PRO Compression (you can almost always find a coupon code)

Zensah (by far the most popular recommendation!)



3) New Running Jumper: last Friday we got our end of the (fiscal) year bonuses, and I immediately headed over to Lulu (because spending money on non-running related items is just crazy).  I had seen the Run: For Your Money jumper on the website and thought it looked cute ON THE MODEL, but figured that no one else could possibly look good in a jumper aside from a 2 year old.  Then, on my 13 miler on Saturday, I passed a normal looking person wearing it, and she looked fantastic!

{The official Lulu model…definitely not me!}

I splurged and bought the jumper.  I LOVE it! The shorts stay fantastically in place, and it is light and airy.  I will say that I wore it during my tempo this morning, and I felt a little self conscious that people might be judging me for being too Olsen Twin style fashion forward of a runner (if jumpers are in fact fashion forward?), but it is cute, and I will wear it proudly.


Is anyone doing a 4th of July race tomorrow? My sister and I are running a 5-K that benefits my friend Kay’s non-profit.  I’ve been promised baked goods and bubbles!

Good luck if you are! 

13 thoughts on “Running Gear Update

  1. Although no one else in the world except Americans get the 4th of July off, anyone living abroad who is a teacher (like Rachel and I) are loving our holidays! You should wear your running dress for your marathon! When it comes to shoes, are you a neutral support person? Is that why you buy your shoes at clearance prices? Or do you just know what exactly to look for? I’m an overpronator, so I have to stick to my super supportive shoes and get gait assessments done or else my feet will suffer.

    • I’m also a pronator, and I wear supported but not the most supportive shoes. I got the gait analysis initially, and from there I’ve been trying out the comparable model to the one that worked for me in different brands. I would say once you get fitted and you find your dream shoe, you can find it cheaper online without having to get re-fitted.

  2. I love that jumper. I think it is adorable!! And Lulu is my favorite, so I really don’t think you can go wrong!
    I have to roll my compression socks down because I am short, and it looks so funny on me…oh well. I think they are pretty important. And yes…pink is the way to go. I would have been partial, too. My socks are grey but that was because I didn’t want to spend the money on the more expensive socks…big mistake!

    • I know. Lulu is so amazing. And even when they design something that I think will look really weird (like the jumper), it still ends up looking great! And I have to roll my socks down too! So, the top of my shin gets extra compression.

  3. As i told a couple of Brits that I had a meeting with “Come to celebrate the holiday with us have you?”

    • Isn’t it wonderful! I was really impressed because I called customer service, a person answered right away, and she took care of everything within a few minutes!

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