Chicago Start Time Shake-Up

Last week I got a participant email from the Chicago Marathon.  I LOVE getting participant emails from races.  It feels like I’m receiving a super secret message from the cool kids club, or my Hogwarts acceptance letter!

Turns out this email was completely irrelevant to me, but it really made a whole lot of other people pretty mad.

Last year (and I’m assuming many years before that) the Chicago Marathon was set up with the Elite division starting first, corrals A-D (that you have to qualify for) starting next at 7:30, and everyone else starting in a giant mass after that, presumably through the start line by about 8:00.   Aaron was placed in Corral B and I was placed in Corral C based on our recent half marathon results.

But, they are shaking things up this year.

The email said that corrals A-D would stay the same with a 7:30 start time.  Corral E will consist of all charity runners and would start right after A-D.  Then, at 8:00, the rest of the participants would start in corrals based on estimated finish time with everyone through probably around 8:15-8:20.

As mentioned before, this doesn’t affect me at all, but the most common arguments are that the slowest runners will be finishing even later into the afternoon.  Also, the fastest of the mass finishers will be starting BEHIND the charity runners who may be running/walking much slower.

I think having to start a 6 hour marathon at maybe as late as 8:30 would be pretty annoying.  I’m even slightly annoyed that the marathon starts for me at 7:30 (though Boston starts at like, 10:30).  We’ve been starting our long runs between 6:30 and 7:00, ending after 9.  By 9:00, it is miserably hot.  Chicago weather in October seems to be a toss up, but apparently the last 4 out of 5 years have been really warm.  (However, one of those 5 years it was 30 degrees).

I can understand the frustration.

We’ve been training in the mid-morning heat, mostly because of laziness, but also a little bit because regardless of start time, I will be running my hardest miles well past 10:00 am.  I’d rather be miserable now and be prepared for whatever weather conditions get thrown my way then run comfortably now and not be able to handle the heat come October.  And if it is one of those freezing years, I will have trained at much worse conditions.

Is the new start time a bummer for some people? Absolutely.  But it isn’t anything a little extra preparation now can’t fix.


And because I haven’t done any Olympic updates yet…

Friday I came home to fish and chips and Boddington’s! I don’t think it helped our run at all on Saturday, but it sure was yummy.  (Sidenote…apparently the gluten free topic came up on a #fitfluential twitter chat yesterday…I don’t participate in #fitfluential, but it  looks like a lot of true Celiac people don’t appreciate non-Celiac people making their diet a trend since for them it isn’t a choice.  It was kind of weird).

Overall I did like the Opening Ceremony, but I think it should have been shorter with more smooth transitions.  It felt like 4 completely separate acts.  I LOVED the Bond skit, and of course Rowen Atkinson, but some parts, like the giant baby were kind of weird.  The Cauldron was incredible, even if no one in London could see it.

One thing I forgot to mention last week was that two Saint Mary’s basketball players are on the Australian Basketball team! So now I guess I’m cheering for them a bit too!

Happy Tuesday!

Marathon Reflection Monday

Happy First Monday of the Olympics!

Have you seen this commercial?  They’ve been playing it non-stop.

I’m starting to feel like I can relate to this man.  He’s running, and all of the sudden he looks up and realizes that he is waaaay further out than he meant to be.

This weekend I put in 25 miles.  17 miles on Saturday and 8 miles yesterday.  Both were kind of miserable.

Saturday we ran from our house down to the University of New Mexico (UNREAL.  Our house is nowhere near UNM), around campus, and back home.

This was the first time in our marathon long runs that we did an “urban” route, having to cross streets, stop at stop lights, and endure people looking at us funny.

We also got to see some of the highlights of the city including a lovely lady doing her walk of shame at 6:30 am, and at 8:30, two already drunk teenagers drinking Bud Light under a bridge.  Stay classy, Albuquerque.

The course was also a lot harder than what we’ve been doing.  The last 4 miles were uphill and my legs wanted nothing to do with it.  My solid cruiser 9 minute mile pace dropped to a 10:30.  But new and improved non-long-run-pace-obsessed Amy let it go.  It is also amazing to me how much your pace can drop just by pausing at an intersection to check for traffic (not that I was paying attention to my pace….)

We did a section running through the UNM campus, which was kind of slow because we had ramps and steps and all sorts of weird surfaces  (running up 20 steps and then down 20 steps is hard on the legs at mile 8 by the way).

We stopped at mile 9 at a gas station for Gatorade, water, and to take our Clif Shot.  My guess is that 17 miles is the point where we’re going to have to add a second Clif Shot to our routine.  Regardless, starting up again on an uphill after that brief break was reminder enough why you shouldn’t stop.  Taking a break sounds nice until you do and then can’t get started again.

Overall, 17 was not fun.  But, we did it.

Afterwards, we watched some games, grabbed some burrito bowls at Chipotle, and then I slept all afternoon.  I woke up to watch rowing, slept some more, woke up to catch up on The Newsroom, and then went to bed.  Exciting life, the one of a marathoner.  Run, fuel, and sleep.

I’m also realizing that while I can probably talk myself through running an 8 minute mile for the marathon, there are a lot of little pace-slowing factors that I need to consider.  I got through 17 miles without having to use the restroom, but I can I assume that I can hold it for 9 more miles after that?  And we stopped for about 5 minutes to drink water from a park water fountain at mile 14 (bless that little water fountain).  Am I going to have to spend more time than I’m used to at water stations to gulp down multiple cups of water?  In half-marathon land, I grab a cup, take a sip, pour the rest down my neck and keep going.  Points I need to start considering.

On the injury front, I think I have my IT band under control for the moment.  Hooray! If I could only get this heel issue to go away.  (I’m working on it!).

What Went Well:

1) Rehab continuation: Even though things like my IT band are not hurting as much, I’m still giving them a lot of attention to make sure they stay that way.

2) Cross training/weight-training/core work: This was an “on” week.  My core still needs some work though.  Like, lots. But at least it is getting incorporated in the routine.

What Needs Work:

1) Avoiding burn-out:  I’m starting to feel like my life is being taken over by running (probably because it is).  I don’t see myself becoming a marathon maniac anytime soon.  This may be a once or twice in a lifetime activity for me.

And this has nothing to do with today’s post, but I thought it was funny (I’ve also used almost all of the good inspiration off of Pinterest.  I may need to start making my own inspirational posters!).  Also, this girl actually looks like she could be a runner instead of a fitness model.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Olympics! Olympics!

London 2012!

Unless you live under a rock (which seems unlikely since you are reading this here blog), you are probably aware that the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics (followed by 17 days of athletic goodness) is tonight!

I love how the Olympics is kind of the world unifier.  At this moment, wherever you are, you are likely excited to see your team compete after four years of… I guess not competing?  While the World Cup ignites enthusiasm, it really only appeals to futbal lovers (aka everyone aside from the US).  And apparently you have to have some sort of special powers to see coverage of the Quidditch World Cup, because I certainly can never find the games on ESPN.

So, we turn to the Olympics to get our  fix of patriotism, athleticism, and competitive spirit. And, for reasons that I don’t really understand, the Summer Olympics seem to be a much bigger deal than the Winter ones.  Maybe because most of “the greats” are summer Olympians? More team sports? More interesting events? Micheal Phelps topless? Did I say that out loud?

I will admit that I’m not the most Olympic savvy person.  I don’t really know anything about half the athletes going in. I probably don’t even know about half the sports being played.  BUT, I am excited for the following nonetheless:

1) Phelps vs. Lochte:  I agreed to let Michael be my boyfriend 4 years ago despite his inability to articulate and you know, the whole frat boy gone wild thing.  Today, he is a more mature, well-spoken version of himself, and even though Ryan is giving him a run for his money as far as my loyalty is concerned (have you seen his shoe collection?), I’m cheering for Michael.  Plus, who doesn’t want to see someone become the most decorated Olympian?

2) Missy Franklin: You go, girl.  Seriously. I only wish I was that cool when I was 17. She interviews really well, too. I’m hoping she gets 7 out of 7.

3) My BFFs Sanya Richards Ross and Bernard Lagat: Ever since I got to be up close and personal with these crazy fast runners at the Indoor Track and Field Championships held here in Albuquerque last February, I pretty much feel like we’re family members (seriously, both of these people were so nice in person).  Sanya is considered one of the top contenders this year, and after watching her in a live performance, I can say there her power is ridiculous.

4) THE MARATHON! Excited to see Kara, Ryan, and Shalane do their 26.2 thang.

4) Soccer: I LOVE international soccer.  Gotta support the ladies since the men’s team couldn’t quite hold up.  And Dear Hope, I love you, but you should probably not do interviews if you are drunk this time around.

5) Basketball: I’m not really a pro basketball fan, but apparently the US has the dreamiest of the dreamy team.  I asked Aaron if Scotty Pippin was on the roster (his wife is a Real Housewife, so I know him!).  He gave me a weird look.  Does that mean no?

6) Gymnastics: As a little person, I feel like I relate most to these people.  Aside from the fact that the round-up is my most advanced tumbling move.

7) OPENING CEREMONY! Since I spent the first 19 years of my life as a “performer,” the whole spectacle is really one of my favorite parts. I fully intend to come home from work, maybe grab some fish and chips and Boddingtons (I know they have gluten, but London + Olympics Opening Ceremony = fish and chips and Boddington occasion), plant myself in front of the TV, and marvel.  (In all honesty, we’ll probably have a veggie burger and some water…we do after all have 17 miles to run in the morning).

What Olympic event are you most looking forward to?

Is it weird that I talk about world class athletes like I know them?

Have a fantastic Olympic style weekend!

*I have a huge work project coming up at the end of August that will require long office hours in addition to increased marathon training mileage.  Instead of making myself crazy trying to blog or even schedule posts, I’m doing a call for potential guest posters.  I can’t promise lots of exposure or anything, but if you’d like to do a guest post, I’d love to have you! Let me know!

The (Kind of) Gluten-Free Lifestyle

As most of you probably know, Aaron has been on a relatively “gluten-free” diet since our marathon training began 2 months ago.  Two months in, he’s still sticking with it.

(First, please remember that we are not dietitians.  We also have not consulted a doctor despite my insistent nagging.  Don’t sue me!).

For as long as I’ve known him, Aaron has had lots of digestive issues (and he loves when I talk about it on the blog!), bad allergies, and migraines. I finally convinced him that most peoples’ bodies don’t react to food the way his was and that maybe he had something in his diet that needed to come out.

Since gluten-free seems to be so trendy right now (either for intolerance reasons or diet reasons) we started there.

So, Aaron eliminated gluten out of his diet cold-turkey aside from the occasional beer, because, you know.  (And yes, we are aware of gluten-free beer, but Aaron is a big stout person, and gluten-free stout doesn’t appear to be on the market at Trader Joe’s!).

And, like that, his digestive issues and migraines went away.   We aren’t in his peak allergy season right now, but studies suggest that eliminating wheat reduces allergy symptoms.  He also lost about 10 pounds right away which will always make me angry/jealous.

I am pretty confident that I do not have a gluten intolerance. However, I have cut down on my consumption of wheat/gluten stuff just because it seems silly to buy it if I’m the only one eating it.  And, I do feel (just a little bit) bad when we go to a restaurant and I order a huge, amazing, heaping plate of the best pasta and Aaron is stuck with grilled fish and steamed carrots.

But, this week, we’ve actually pretty much run out of wheat in our house aside from some frozen Bertolli that sits sadly in the freezer.  I have been wheat free since Monday! I’ve also lost a couple of pounds since Monday, which of course I’m not complaining about.

Going gluten-free hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, obviously.  We are running a heck of a lot, and we do need energy, so not having a constant supply of “carbs” has been challenging.  And for Aaron, anytime he has even a bit of wheat, his reaction is about 10 times worse than it was before he eliminated it from his diet.  The other day I gave him just a bite of breakfast burrito, and the tortilla made him pretty uncomfortable.

But, we are really making better food choices.  We have to actually THINK about every little thing we’re eating because gluten can be very sneaky, hiding in sauces, dressings, and soups.

I don’t even know the last time we had pizza (SAD), and even beer consumption has gone WAAAAY down.  And we’ve replaced all of the creamy salad dressings with balsamic vinaigrette.  We usually would grab something like a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s once a week, but I  don’t think we’ve done fast food since the beginning of June. So, even though I’m not a complete convert, I am eating healthier regardless.

There are a ton of resources out there if you think you might have an intolerance to gluten. Whole blogs are dedicated to recipes and living the lifestyle.  Gluten Free is Life has been one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen.   This whole process, at the very least, has made us much more likely to look at the ingredients in our food and be more aware of how we feel after we eat something.  And Aaron feels better, which is a very good thing!

On an unrelated note, a nice man completely passed me during my run this morning.  Just came out of nowhere and passed me with no effort.  Consider my ego sufficiently deflated.

Happy Thursday!

Ponds, Other Sides of Ponds, National Tequila Day, and Beating Boys

Happy Wednesday!

This morning I was watching The Today Show being broadcast from London, so not only am I getting super excited for the Olympics, but all this talk about England is also making me want to buy some Burberry and watch Harry Potter with Duchess Kate while eating fish and chips.  Is that too much to ask???

I have never been to Europe (and I pretty much refuse to have children until I do go), so my London envy is a little out of control right now.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond…

We actually developed our own makeshift backyard pond yesterday thanks to a torrential downpour and a lightning storm directly above our house (for about 15 minutes, the lightning and thunder were coming at the exact same time).  It has been a few years since I remember it raining this much.  I’m almost at the point where I’m not as excited about it everyday.  ALMOST.  Please bear with this poor desert dweller and her excitement over rain.

And yesterday, in case you missed it as I did until about 2:00 pm, was National Tequila Day.  I love that my husband will jump up from the couch upon hearing news like that and proceed to the grocery store for margarita mix so we can celebrate! Because what kind of Americans would we be if we had knowledge of such a national holiday and chose NOT to celebrate?  We’re also been inspired by Mad Men to build up our liquor collection (for display purposes and also for when Roger Sterling visits and requests a glass of whatever on the rocks), so we bought a very big bottle of tequila at Costco the other day.  This *should* last us a few years.  Maybe.  Also used our RnRAZ shot glass.  In just a few short months I can fill it to the “26.2” level and not feel unworthy!

And because this is mostly a running blog…

Yesterday I had a fantastic tempo run.  Definitely my strongest yet.  It is extraordinarily satisfying to have some macho man think that he can catch up with me because I’m 5 feet tall and decked out in pink and sparkle headbands only to hear his footsteps slowly fade in the background!  He also got an especially smug smirk as I turned around to go back home.  Never gets old.

However, I’m having some IT band annoyance again and the heel was bugging me again last night. Maybe a bit of karma for the smug smirk?  I was hopeful because everything was holding up through the mileage this weekend. Today is a recovery day (we’ll probably do 4 miles on the elliptical), so hopefully the break along with my rehabbing will allow everything to calm down.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Five Years Out

This last weekend was my college’s 5th year reunion.

I didn’t go (mostly because it was held a few states away).

We’ll just forget for a second that 5 year reunions seem a bit excessive, and focus on the bigger scarier issue that I have been out of college for 5 years.  I’m still in denial that I’m not 21 anymore.  It was something I looked forward to for almost 19 years, and here we are, 5 years after the fact.  Time is going by far too fast for comfort.  (Also forgetting that my 10 year high school reunion is NEXT year.  WHAT?)

Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to live in California.  So, when it came to college time, I knew exactly where I was going.

The school I ended up at was Saint Mary’s College of California, a school of about 3000 undergraduates located 20 miles east of San Francisco. Most people have never heard of it, aside from our Australian dominated basketball team, the Gaels.

I really believe that every kid needs to get away from home for college.  I was very fortunate to have parents who not only didn’t make college a choice, but also didn’t make going to our local school a choice.  I know a lot of times the financial resources aren’t there, but having to basically start over in a place where I didn’t know anyone was probably just as valuable of a lesson as reading Machiavelli and discussing what Pythagoras was thinking when he came up with that theorem (SMC was a “liberal arts” college…we did a lot of discussing).

I made some wonderful friends and had some wonderful times out there.  While there definitely are the future “real housewives” types with bleached blonde hair and more make-up products than I could ever imagine, I also met some of the most genuine and intelligent people, and I’m glad I got to spend 4 great years with them!  I’m sad that we all live so far apart now, but I know I’ll always be able to consider my college buddies good friends!

I  graduated in 2007 which you may remember as kind of a rocky time in the history of California economy.  Plus, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  I ended up coming home, and while I was pretty bummed initially, everything happens for a reason. Less than a year later, I met Aaron, and well, I think we all know how that turns out.  And Albuquerque has been a decent place to start a career.  Cost of living is low, there aren’t 400 people showing up for each job opening, and we’re near our families, which I think is important during the first few years of marriage.

But I will always look back at college as probably one of the best times of my life.  And digging way back through all of those old facebook photos and reliving memories is pretty fun!

So, to the Saint Mary’s College class of 2007, hope these last 5 years have treated  you well, and I hope you remember our time in school as fondly as I do!

Field trip to Brazil!

Marathon Reflection Monday

So this is kind of a super late Marathon Reflection Monday.  I just couldn’t get into writing today.  Sorry.


I survived 24 miles this weekend!

I got in my first ever 16 mile run on Saturday, and then finished off with 8 miles yesterday after taking 3 days off from running last week.

Aside from some muscle soreness in my calves, everything appears to be working just fine, even my IT band! I slapped this sexy beast on during my run, and it seems to have worked.  Aaron called me on Friday to tell me that he bought me a present! Turns out it was this.  True love.  That’s a picture of my leg by the way.

All of the extensive rehabbing I’ve been doing has helped too!

I’m sad that I missed a tempo run on Thursday, because tempo runs are actually my favorite speed training workout (probably because they don’t involve sprinting up a quarter mile hill followed by a deep wave of nausea).  But, I think sacrificing was necessary for healing.

Aaron did the 16 with me, but opted out of the 8 yesterday.  He’s feeling much stronger, and should be back on a regular schedule here soon.

Saturday, we finally got our act together, woke up early, and started the run at 6:30 instead of 8:30.  Amazing how much cooler the world is at 6:30!  Though, of course when we finished at 9, things were getting hot and sticky.

At mile 8, we ran into a gas station, and I used the restroom while Aaron purchased some Gatorade.  Because we chugged down the Gatorade, I actually didn’t fuel with any Clif shots.  I usually don’t take more than one gel per workout anyway (this will probably change once I hit the 20 mile mark), but I didn’t really feel like I needed anything extra.

I forgot the body glide on both days, but luckily I had no chaffing anywhere!  I consider this to be pretty lucky.  Thanks, Lulu!

I’ve been doing my long runs at a solid “cruiser” pace, and I’m excited to see the cruiser pace drop each week!  I am exactly where I want to be at this point in the game.  With 11 weeks left to go, I really think that 3:30 marathon is achievable!  At the very least, I’m still in the running!

I still do have a long way to go however.  At 14 miles, I started experiencing a fatigue unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It wasn’t a lack of energy, but my legs just started to feel like jello in a way that felt way more literal than I thought possible.  At one point, I had to wait for some cars to go by at mile 15.5, and starting up again was pretty much one of the hardest mental tests I’ve ever had to endure.  But this is good.  I need to have experience with the mental push.  My pace didn’t drop during the last two miles, so I guess I have muscle memory to credit.  Just keep running!

Also noteworthy: Even though I still have 11 weeks to go, I’ve already started having marathon nightmares.  The other night I dreamt  that Boston was releasing the 2014 qualifying times at the same time that I was running my marathon. I finished in 3:32 (YAY!) only to find out that the qualifying time for my age group had gone down to 3:28.  Bummer, dude.  And then to top it off, my tweets that I was typing weren’t posting, so I couldn’t even vent to you guys about it. In another dream, I missed my flight because I decided to run a 5-K at the last minute.


Rehabbing: I’ve gotten pretty good at the whole process.  And it has worked!  I seem to have stopped what was trying to become an injury. I hope that everything stays in one piece from here on out!

Speed improvement: At first, I was frustrated because I wasn’t going as fast as I was a few months ago.  But after working hard, I’m feeling much stronger and much faster.  I’m amazed at the progress I see every week!


Cross-training: This seems to be an off/on week type of thing.  This week was an off week.  During my faster 8 yesterday, I could feel my belly bouncing around (EWE) instead of feeling strong and helping me go faster.  I bet you can tell how well the ab challenge is going…

Getting up earlier for long runs: Things felt so much better by starting out earlier in the morning.  Because the mileage just keeps getting higher, and temps won’t cool down for maybe 2 more months, I need to make sure that I’m not out past 10:30.

FitStreak with Allison:

Monday: Ran for 33:34

Tuesday: Ran for 30:00

Wednesday: Elliptical for 45:00

Thursday: Walked for 25:38

Friday: Walked for 25:43

Saturday: Ran for 2:26:19

Sunday: Ran for 1:09:42

I hope everyone had a good Monday! Mine was kind of nuts.  But it is raining! That’s reason enough to end the day on a high note!




Race Shout-Outs and A Couple of Other Things

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

Kelly running the Epic Relay this weekend!

Hyedi is doing her first outdoor triathlon! You can do it!

Good luck to you ladies and everyone else racing!


I am having a hard time focusing this morning.

I know many of you blog friends are from the Denver area, and I truly hope you and your families are ok.  My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims in Aurora.  Senseless violence like this is so horrifying. I cannot tear myself away from the TV.

To think that these people were just enjoying a movie.  This could have happened to anyone, anywhere.


I have a 16 mile run this weekend.  I haven’t run since Tuesday, so I’m not sure how it will go. My leg is feeling better and stronger thanks to extensive rehabbing, so I’m hoping I will get through the 16 drama free!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

*Sorry.  I know it is weird and maybe even inappropriate to mash all of this stuff together.

Turpentine…and Texas? a.k.a Respect the Distance!

So, after Wordless Wednesday, I almost feel the need to spend some time explaining the pictures.  Is this what is supposed to happen?

If you couldn’t tell, I am really trying to do everything I can to prevent what feels like an imminent injury.  Though really, if I had spent more time doing this stuff in the first place, then I probably would not be dealing with any heel/knee weirdness right now.

While I wasn’t planning on doing a “marathon lessons learned” list until AFTER I actually finished the marathon, I’m pretty sure I’ve determined what Lesson #1 is.  Spend way more time “rehabbing”  and “preventing” then you think is necessary.  Twice a day at least. Rolling, icing, stretching, taping if needed.  Even when everything feels great.  In my (albeit rather limited) experience, there is a little bratty body part just waiting to give you grief.

I think the problem with reading running blogs as a hobby is that you start to really believe that EVERYONE runs marathons and that it is a completely normal way to work out.  If you take a step back from the computer and look around (assuming you aren’t in fact at a marathon), you’ll remember that marathon running is not “normal” and most people don’t do it.  In fact, as of May 2012, only half of 1% (i.e. .5%) of the population has finished one.

I knew going in that it would be a challenge, but I truly didn’t internalize that the process was going to be so hard on the body.  Looking around at various marathon bloggers, I have determined unscientifically that 100% have had some type of injury at some point.  Half Marathon training was not so bad for me.  Just some minor IT issues back in January, but nothing too crazy. And while a marathon appears to be the next logical step after getting comfortable with a half, I think I forget sometimes that it is TWICE the distance.  You are literally running for longer than it takes to fly across half the country.

I’m definitely not saying “don’t do it.”  Quite the opposite, actually.  I think it is possible to train for a marathon and not have problems.  My mistake was in not, as blog friend Dominick said the other day, “respecting the distance.”  (I’m totally quoting him out of context, but I think it applies regardless).  26.2 is  A LOT of miles to work up to and it will be hard on your body if you don’t take care of yourself, and as a first timer, I really needed to respect that.

Anyone want a hat to remind them? Source.

I started having annoying heel pain last Thursday/Friday.  Right now, I am icing it twice every day and taping it every night.  If feels mostly fine until I workout, and then it hurts for a little bit. However,  I think this is close to being cured.

Then Monday I started getting sporadic sharp (pretty uncomfortable) pains in my knee. After extensive Wikipedia/Web-MD searches (my favorite), and then confirmation from Aaron the Expert, I realized that EVERYTHING, including my foot pain is really stemming from IT band issues.  I’ve been rolling, icing, stretching, and wearing flat shoes.  I’ve also been wearing KT tape on it, but I’m not necessarily convinced that it is helping. Basically, it feels like I need to trade my entire right leg in for a new one.

I’ve had this talk before.  I keep having new symptoms in different places, but it keeps coming back to that one pesky IT band.

Two people have recommend these little bands to help IT issues.  I think I’m going to get one. I’m willing to try just about anything right now, including turpentine Volcanic oil (also used as lamp fluid, by the way).

I am taking care of it.  I’m very lucky to be married to someone who, for example, has taken entire classes on how to properly tape someone.  I’ve definitely taken it easy this week.  But I’m a little annoyed by it. And I hope my premature lesson learned can be of some benefit to someone else.


In other, more happy news!!!

At some point in the next several months (being ambiguous so the evil burglars don’t come to steal my succulents), Aaron and I are taking a whirlwind road trip through Texas to visit family in various cities! We know all the stuff to do in San Antonio and Austin, but we are also heading to Houston (never been) and Galveston, which is a beach town, apparently.  I don’t know too much about Texas beaches (except of course not to mess with them!), but living in a landlocked region makes one slightly desperate for a beach, even if it isn’t the world’s nicest.  All I know is that I will be horseback riding my little behind on that beach so I can cross it off my bucket list!

Our big challenge (aside from not eating Texas sized meals all day) will be finding running routes.

If you have ever run in Austin, San Antonio, or Houston, do you have any recommendations for running paths/trails?

Any good “post run” eateries (or, you know, breweries) worth noting?  

And most importantly, any tips on running in what I’m sure will be crazy humid conditions? 

I hope everyone has a fantastic (and thoroughly preventative) Thursday!

Wordless Wednesday: Rehab Addition

So, apparently the thing to do on Wednesdays is go wordless?  I’m not typically a writer of few words (everyone nods head in agreement), but Wednesdays are randomly the busiest day of the week for me, so a quick picture post doesn’t seem like a bad way to go! (But even then, I still can’t do it right.  I included words.  Sorry).

So, here it is: Wordless (more or less) Wednesday: Rehab Addition! (you betcha I’m singing Amy Winehouse right now! They try to make me go to rehab, and I said No, No, No!).

(Also, the spacing looks completely normal when I’m in edit mode, but for some reason gets all screwey when it actually publishes.  Sorry for the excessive spaces in between pictures!)

{One of Aaron’s clients brought him this to try….LOVE doesn’t even begin to describe!}



{I wore flats in public for the first time in probably a decade today}






{A happy one! I’ll get to the beach this year after all! SOURCE}