The Cherry Garcia 10-K is a Mean Kid

First, I am officially my own person! I am now WordPress free.  And by that, I mean my new web address is  It looks like everything is redirecting just beautifully, but let me know if things start getting funky.


Wow. I was re-reading my Monday Reflection Marathon post at lunch yesterday, and I felt so sad for early Monday morning Amy.  She was obviously quite grumpy.  I’m already in a much better mood today, and ready to take on the challenge of training for a marathon in the summertime! But THANK YOU again for all of your encouragement and positive energy!

So, a big part of the reason I was grumpy was because of a disappointing 10-K on Sunday night.  In still keeping with my “a race every month” bucket list item, June’s race was the Cherry Garcia 10-K held at 7:00 p.m.  My sister joined the fun and ran the 5-K!

{It was an ice cream race, so I wore the most ice cream looking shorts I could find! Also, how awesome are Aaron’s sunglasses?!}

I kind of view this whole running thing like school.  You work hard all semester, studying and soaking up information, and at the end you have a test to see how well you’ve prepared.  The learning part is wonderful (at least nerd Amy thought so), but it kind of all rests on how well you do on the test.  That is where you prove your abilities and show what you’re made of.

So, if you don’t do well for the test, then what makes you think you can ace the final exam?


I don’t think I will be doing another evening race (MAYBE RnR Vegas once they get their shiznet together).  Sunday felt like a waste of a day.  We had this race looming over us, and our activity and food consumption were limited because of it.  Plus, running a 10-K before bed made me really wound up, so I couldn’t sleep to save my life (which probably also contributed to the grumpiness).

Oh, and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. was somewhere between 96-100 degrees.  The pavement was radiating heat because it had been baking in the sun all day.  Though I do realize that it is probably more miserable in places where it is that hot and humid (we have no moisture in the air at all), or in places like Scotland where Rachel and Danielle are freezing, it is definitely not ideal for exercise.

My goal going into this race was to come in under 48  minutes.  This would constitute a PR since both of my last 10-k’s were either the first time I’d ever run 6.2 miles in a row, or when I tripped and twisted an ankle.  Plus, if I can’t run slightly under 8 minute miles for 6.2, then I don’t have much hope to run 8 minute miles for 26.2  At least that was my reasoning going in.

I am still kind of bummed that I missed my goal time by over 2 minutes.

My legs felt great.  I didn’t feel dehydrated (thanks Nuun!).  I actually felt like I was running a fast race for the last 3 miles.

But I wasn’t. I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t make myself hit 8 minute miles.  Even though I started passing people toward the end, I didn’t make it down to my goal time.

I also apparently started and then stopped my Garmin at the start line, and didn’t realize for half a mile in, so I don’t really have an accurate breakdown.  I need to get better at using that thing under pressure.

In retrospect, I do think aside from the heat, what slowed me down was stopping at water stations.  I never stop at water stations for 10-K’s, but I stopped at all 4 for this race to take a couple of sips and pour water down my back.

Also, the course and timing were not laid out very well.  The course was a loop twice around a block, so as the 10-kers made our way around for 2nd time, we came across the 5-k walkers.  They also didn’t have most of the major roads closed, so we were running in the bike lanes right next to traffic, trying to weave around the walkers walking 2-3 people deep.  Aside from being slightly dangerous, weaving through walkers can slow people down.

The course ended on a sharp 180 on grass into the sun where again I had to navigate my finish line sprint around walkers.

Would all of these factors cause me to go two minutes slower? I don’t really know.

Final time: 50:16.  30th overall, 3rd in age group.  Yay for small races!

There was an issue with the timing chips, so some 5-Kers were classified as 10-kers.  Right after the race I was listed as 4th in age group and didn’t get a medal (I’ve tried emailing the race director).  Also, they didn’t take out the top 3 finishers from age group awards, otherwise I would have been 2nd in age group. Victory!

Aaron also came in over his goal time, but he finished 9th overall (woot woot!), 1st in his new age group!

{Aaron and his age group medal.  Little did I know that I earned one too!}

I had wanted this race to be some sort of confirmation that the training I was doing for the last few weeks was working and that I was on track to hit my ambitious goals.  Not getting that confirmation made me uneasy.  But life goes on.  Really, a 10-K in June isn’t the most accurate indicator for a marathon in October.  I still have time to study for that big final!

The Cherry Garcia race lived up to its name, and we got some Cherry Garcia ice cream post-race! At least that part was awesome!

We celebrated with a post race beer celebration at our favorite microbrewery! Aaron, who has been avoiding beer because of the whole wheat thing, figured this was an occasion worth getting an upset stomach for.   Sometimes, a cold beer is the only cure for a hot hard race, gluten intolerant or not!

{Why yes, that is a Range Roller in the background.  You gotta do what you gotta do}

18 thoughts on “The Cherry Garcia 10-K is a Mean Kid

  1. Awesome. I’d love to get ice cream at the end of a race. I am off to a race this weekend where we’ll be getting wine at the end, which should also be quite an experience 🙂

    • I didn’t, but I heard all of the terrible things, and I think many of the complaints were justified! I imagine they are under a lot of pressure to make sure things go a lot more smoothly this year. If I ever did it, I would do it as an “experience” race and go in with lower expectations. I still think running down the strip at night would be awesome, even if there were a multitude of problems.

  2. Yay! Congrats on the mew address!!
    I can’t believe how amazing you are doing with your runs in such awful heat!! While you may be bummed…I prob would have wimped out. When I ran the Ragnar, I did 4.8 miles in blazing sun and horrible heat. It was so rough! But maybe if you are used to it.
    I also don’t know if I could do a run at night. Although, I’d consider RnR Vegas, too if they get better! I’m a morning runner and love the cool air way too much.
    BTW, that beer looked so good and it’s barely 7am right now.

    • I’ve heard that that Ragnar stretch was really rough for everyone! I think with all the other factors of running at night and sleeping in a van, it might have pushed me over the edge. I’m used to the heat, but I’m not used to running in it, which turns out is a whole separate battle. And that beer WAS good. I say, beer with breakfast!

  3. It’s still a great time! I find running in the evening is harder as well, so go you! As a side note, you forgot ‘wet’ in your description of Scotland, although the sun is well and truly out today!

    • I did forget wet, which is probably what makes it worse (wet cold is a much more bitter cold than just dry cold) in addition to it being summertime! Glad you have some sunshine!

  4. Awesome job, you and your husband had great times, especially considering the heat! Congrats on locking down the blog name as well.

    As for beer…you know there is gluten free beer right? I can’t remember the names but there are at least 4 different types from two different breweries that I have seen at Bevmo. Dogsfish Head also did a limited release on a gluten free but I have never seen it in store.

    My marathon training kicks into gear next week, my goal is less ambitious than yours, I am going to be happy with 8:30’s but we’ll see once I hit September if I need to lower or raise expectations.

    • Haha, yeah, we know there is gluten free beer. I think Aaron is a little hesitant to try it, plus it just isn’t his La Cumbre Malapais Stout. Good luck with the training. I always say start off ambitious (though, really 8:30 is still a pretty brisk marathon pace…I’m talking as if I actually know…) and that will get you farther than if you didn’t. Let’s hope. Since you seem to not want to humor people with blog posts anymore, I’ll tell you GOOD LUCK with your training now! The more I look at New York, the more I’m really wanting to do it. I’m going to put in for the lottery next year.

  5. You couldn’t pay me to run in 96+ heat!!!! You are amazing for finishing – heat is such kryptonite to me I’m sure I’d have died (and I lived in muggy-heat land!). I think I’m in agreement with you on evening races. Congrats on the wordpress-free life!

  6. Like Rachel said, you forget wet in your reference to running in Scotland! I actually prefer cold weather running: when we had a week of hot weather, I found running really difficult, and longed for my warmer running clothes. I just don’t like running in the rain, when you get so wet that you can’t use your hand or sleeve to wipe your face because they’re also wet. I also run at night after work, so I’m used to it and probably would’ve like a 10 km at 7 pm, as opposed to a 9 am start. But, I’m not you, and I’m also not training for a sub-3:30 marathon time. I guess you have to chalk your 10 km result up as another experience, and regardless of how much training and distance you’ve been doing lately, not every race will yield the results you want. Pretty sure it’s safe to say that it’s better to have had this result with your 10 km than your marathon, and this is just something to help you in your journey to 26.2. As my tattoo says, perspective 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m over it. I don’t mind just regular running at night because I’m usually going slower and I’m not all wound up from nerves and determination. But I’ve decided that I’d much rather race in the morning. And after looking at her pictures from the 10-K, I can say I don’t envy the Scottish wetness, although we only get rain MAYBE once every three months (and it lasts for about 20 minutes), and during the monsoon we’ll get a sprinkle about once a week, so rain isn’t really something I ever deal with here. (It rained for 3 straight months a year where I went to college).

  7. I’m so glad to have lucked upon your blog from Steph’s blog. I ran in the 5k that evening for the very first time – and seeing you and Steph’s race times is going to kick my butt in ear. It was hard trying to not overdo it the day of the race. I am going to run in the Chunky Monkey just to see if I get better on the same course as my first race. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for stopping by, AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST 5-K! What a way to welcome you to races. The heat makes for a pretty miserable experience, but at least the ice cream was cold! Maybe we’ll cross paths at a race one of these days! Good luck on the Chunky Monkey. We’re probably not going to be signing up for that one, but is should be fun!

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