Race Shout Outs and Heat (of the Non-LeBron Kind)


1) Julie from Run Revolution is attempting to qualify for Boston for the 2nd time this year at RnR Seattle! Julie actually BQ’d on her first ever marathon and ran Boston this past April, and is my inspiration! Luckily Seattle looks to be MUCH cooler than Boston was on April 16th.

2) Kelly is running the Slacker Half Marathon and I hear there may be gnomes involved!

3) Twitter friend Caron is running a 10-K this weekend in Colorado!

Good luck this weekend to you ladies and everyone else racing this weekend! 


We’ve had a significant fire burning about 10 miles away from our house for the last couple of days.  The “Romero Fire” has been burning along the river since Wednesday afternoon.  So, in addition to dealing with running in the heat, we’ve also been inhaling smoke.

Luckily no buildings have been damaged, and it is almost contained thanks to a tiny rainstorm yesterday,  but the air has become quite smokey, and I’m sure plenty of wildlife has been destroyed.

Speaking of fire….

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 54 degrees is the optimal temperature for running.  The hotter it gets, the more your performance goes down.  So, I wonder what percentage of my best performance I’m running when it is 90 degrees outside? My guess is, the percentage is very low.

Speaking of heat…

I’m glad the Playoffs/Finals are over.  Not that Aaron insisted on watching ALL of the games (I got off relatively easy), but I couldn’t care less about NBA basketball. I think Michael Jordan is pretty cool, but other than that, give me college basketball, futbal, or even football any day over the NBA.

On that note…

HAPPY WEEKEND! Stay cool out there all of my hot peeps!

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