Marathon Reflection Monday

Wow, can weekends go any faster?  Here we are, back at Monday.

That means I am another long run older and another week closer to running my first marathon.

This week’s training started to bring back all of the old aches and pains that I had forgotten during my month-long running break.  Will I ever again be able to live life without having to constantly ice/roll out my IT band?

And even though I’m not yet hitting my pre-break pace, my body is starting to get used to the idea that we’re training for a marathon, and slowly, things are starting to feel less wheezy and blah than then were last week.  Things are starting to work like they should!


Attitude:  In all situations, I’m trying to talk myself through the pain and encourage myself to keep strong.  Overall, every workout this week felt much better than last week.  When I started to hit a wall, I would start giving myself a pep talk, and I could feel a new surge of energy.  I’m hoping the better I get at this, the more likely I will be to talk myself through the moments when I feel like collapsing during my marathon.

Preventing hip tightness: Last week I noticed that my hips starting tightening up around 5-6 miles.  This week I’ve been doing hip strengthening exercises, and I had no hip tightness during our 9.5 mile run on Saturday.

Limiting Booze: Still drinking more than someone taking this whole thing seriously should, but I think progress is being made! However, when we were at a Mexican restaurant, we found a drink that involved Mexican beer topped with a dollop of margarita.  I couldn’t resist!

Drinking water: I’ve been making it a priority, and I can tell that I’m not completely dried out.  However, I still feel thirsty.  Julie suggested throwing in some Nuun or something similar into the mix.  I’ve also been drinking more gatorade post-run.

Recovery: Still doing good with post-run protein shakes, dates with my foam roller and massage stick, icing, yoga stretches, and recovery runs that are nice and easy.


Eating Well: This is still something I’m struggling with.  Trying to completely change my eating habits to avoid temptations like steak and fried rice just isn’t as easy as I want it to be.  Meanwhile, Aaron went gluten-free last week and has dropped 7 pounds.  (I hate him).  His weight drop and testimony over how much better he feels is almost enough to get me completely on board.

Pushing the pace: We are starting on week 3 of training.  So far I’ve been trying hard not to throw myself back into training with reckless abandon in order to prevent injuries.  Now is the time to start pushing myself back to the pace I used to be.  I’m close.

Cross-training: We’ve been doing ok with weight lifting, but we haven’t been doing other workouts like yoga or swimming.  This needs to be more of a priority.

Goals for This Week:

1) See pace improvement

2) Incorporate more cross training

3) Eat well ALL week

4) Do plank and ab workouts every day.


15 thoughts on “Marathon Reflection Monday

    • As far as I know, Oprah isn’t a runner! Although I think I remember her doing a marathon or something. I had been doing really well with core workouts until I started marathon training. I can really feel a difference between when I’m working the abs out and when I’m not!

  1. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen these:

    I had IT problems during my first marathon cycle and those did the trick. You can get them online or at just about any running shop.

    And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially at elevation. Drink water until you can’t drink any more water. The hydration will help you on your runs, it will help you with recovery and it will help you feel full and lose weight.

    • I think last week someone else brought those IT bands up. I had never heard of them before he brought them up, but it seems worth looking into, especially at that price! And I’m a-hydratin’! There were a few times last week where I really felt that I couldn’t drink anymore water!

  2. I love that you break things down into what went well and what needs improvement. I find that I get so wrapped up in the race itself and all of the things that go wrong with training that I forget to encourage myself a long the way. I think I’m going to have to try this when I start training for my next big race!

    • I figure, if I don’t reach my goal, I should at least have a good idea why. Or, on the flip side, if I do reach my goal, I’d like to know what I did to make that difference! And I’ll cheer you on when you start training too!

    • Thanks! I’m trying very hard not to be too hard on myself (it isn’t easy). I’m hoping to eventually be able to pinpoint what helped me reach my goals, or what prevented me from reaching them. After years of having to do this both academically and professionally, I figured it was time I tried it for my fitness development too!

  3. Sounds like you’re doing great! It’s really hard to see pace improvements in the heat- assuming it’s hot there? You can take off a little time for that. 🙂 Gluten-free is one of those things that is miraculous for some people, but does nothing for others. In general, I don’t think it’s “healthier” unless your body doesn’t tolerate gluten well… and for runners, it makes it extra hard to get good quality carbs in! Isn’t it crazy how quickly guys can lose weight?! My husband’s like that, too.

    • It is very hot, although I’ve been to Austin in the summertime, so I can say that you have it way worse! Yeah, I’m not too sure about the gluten free diet for myself because it is very limiting. My husband was having chronic stomach problems, so he decided to start testing diet eliminations, and after he started avoiding wheat, his stomach issues went away. So, because of that, I’ve been eating less by default. I don’t necessarily see it as a permanent lifestyle for myself, but I may have to get creative when it comes to trying to get both of us fed! Luckily the internet is full of great resources!

  4. OMG that beer-garita looks awesome!

    Loving your goals for the next week. They all seem very doable!

    Besides losing weight, is Aaron feeling better sans gluten?

    • He is feeling much better! He was having some stomach issues and pain, and he felt great last week. It seems to be making some sort of difference.

    • It was surprisingly really good! I can definitely see it causing some major issues though, especially after having a few of them as I’m sure a bachelor party would require. Something about mixing beer and hard liquor in one drink never turns out well.

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