One Last Shoe Thought

Thanks for all of the wonderful shoe and compression brand suggestions from yesterday! I think I have a year’s worth of new things to try. And I’m glad I asked about compression, because almost everyone presented brands that I’ve never even heard of.

I’m also glad to see that so many people have found what works for them.  Running seems to be an ever evolving sport with endless new information coming at us all the time, and it is refreshing to see so many people committed to looking past hype and marketing campaigns to find what works and what doesn’t.

I do want to say one more thing on the shoe matter.  Not that I think my post or the comments or the feedback I’ve received ignited any controversy, but I do want to note that I have no problem whatsoever with barefoot or minimalist running if that’s what works for you.  And it seems like most people feel the same way! I’m not convinced that running barefoot is the cure-all for injuries, and I’m not at all even close to being convinced that not running barefoot is the root cause of all injuries. I think it is a personal decision, and your body will let you know in very loud fashion if it is the wrong one. The important thing is that everyone is out there running!

So while I can’t say that I’ll be donning the frog-like toe shoes anytime soon, I think it is admirable that other runners have found a passion for them (though, the dude I saw carrying his as he limped to the finish line at Run for the Zoo probably lost his passion pretty fast).  The vast majority may crack a snicker when you run by in your Five Fingers, but my guess is, most people who wear them wear them proudly and welcome the occasional friendly natured jab at their fashion choice.  And I do want to emphasize that all (well, most) of my jabs are friendly.

And I’m positive that I speak for everyone aside from Kim Kardashian when I say that Five Fingers Wearers are much less judged than anyone running in Sketchers Shape-Ups.

Can I get an Amen?

4 thoughts on “One Last Shoe Thought

  1. AMEN. I’m so on the same page with everything you just said – and, just to throw it out there… No, I don’t sport the 5 toe shoes. But, props to anyone who puts one foot in front of another… Regardless of their shoes choice!

    • You’re telling me you don’t run in Shape-Ups??? Yeah, they are really awful. My guess is anyone who bought them thinking they would get more toned is probably no better off than when they started.

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