Do I Get Presents on Runner’s Day?

Today is National Runner’s Day.  Hooray! Does this mean we get presents?

UPDATE: Apparently it is National RUNNING Day, not RUNNER’S day.  So I guess we’re all supposed to run?

Actually, I have no idea what we’re supposed to do to celebrate this occasion, but there are some great things going on!

Like the $20 off of any Rock n’ Roll race discount when you register today.  This is part of their Runners Day promotion.  Aaron and I are registering for the RnR Arizona half in January 2013.  Today, we are only paying $70, which is about HALF what we paid last year.  If you are wanting to do any of the Rock n Roll races, today is the day to register (except for Vegas. Sorry, Whitney). I ran a PR half marathon at Arizona last year so I feel like I should pay homage to the race that did so much (like convince me that I could qualify for Boston), plus Phoenix is a mere 6 hour drive from here AND I have college friends there.

Other exciting news includes winning the May #runchat challenge! You may remember that I won a medi-dyne range roller from participating in runchat a couple of months ago.  I kind of figured that meant my days as a winner were over. But the May challenge was to run someplace new, so I entered my Durango Trail run into the mix, and I was randomly selected as the grand prize winner of some Pearl Izumi gear.  I’ve never bought anything Pearl Izumi, so I’m excited to try it out! I’ve only ever heard good things.

Turns out getting involved with #runchat has not only provided me with valuable knowledge and great twitter/blog friends, but I’ve also scored some great swag! Thanks to the #runchat peeps for hosting such a great twitter chat AND some awesome contests!

Even MORE excitement comes from knowing that while Aaron and I are training for our first marathon, Rachel (NOT Raquel as I have been calling her), Hyedi, and Dominick will all be training for their first marathon at the same time! Marathon training is more fun when you have friends running along with you!

So, HAPPY RUNNER’S DAY my run-tastic friends!  

Question: has anyone seen any good gluten free food blogs?  Aaron thinks he might be allergic to gluten, so we are thinking of trying out the gluten free lifestyle for a couple of weeks to see if his stomach issues go away. Thanks!

18 thoughts on “Do I Get Presents on Runner’s Day?

  1. Oh my goodness–that runner’s meme is hilarious!

    I’m in total agreement about getting running gifts on such a big day. I think I’ve almost got my husband convinced that I deserve a new pair of shoes today!

    I’ve been following #runchat on Twitter for a couple weeks now, but I’m not quite sure I fully understand it. I’d love to participate, though!

    • Yay! I hope you get your new shoes! #runchat takes place on Sunday evenings (6:00 eastern time). @RunningBecause and @iRunnerBlog are the two moderators, and they give have about 5 questions per chat that you answer using the #runchat hashtag. Then you can click on the hashtag and see what everyone else is saying! Hopefully you can join this weekend!

  2. Happy Runner’s Day, Amy! PS – I totally didn’t realize that you were THE Amy that won the #runchat challenge — awesome!

    Also, I think that The Fitnessista is GF and maybe Oh She Glows? Good luck to Aaron!

  3. Ellie went gluten free for over a year, it isn’t too bad! They make a lot of decent gluten free products now that aren’t completely bland!

    • They even make gluten free beer! I had a good friend in college who had a gluten intolerance, and I remember thinking rice pasta was pretty good. And last weekend a guy was telling me that after giving up gluten his allergies and arthritis went away, so maybe there is something to this.

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    • Right! I saw that and I was going to tweet you, but then realized that it is literally the only race excluded from the deal. And runchat IS on Sunday nights (2nd and 4th of every month) at 6:00 (do you have Sundays off?). If you follow @runchat, @RunningBecause and @iRunnerBlog on twitter, they provide the questions. It usually lasts about 1 hour, and every chat they give away a prize to someone for participating.

      • I DO have sundays off!!! Sometimes I have soccer games, but I think this weekend soccer is at 8pm, i’ll have to check it out this weekend. Thanks! And i’ll start following those people on twitter!

  5. I think I may have to start actually using Twitter if I can win Pearl Izumi gear! I am already signed up for the RnR LA and Pasadena but I was considering adding Chicago but humidity and heat are a deterrent there. Thanks for the shout out and Happy Running Day!

    • Or at least just on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month for 1 hour! I’m a little worried about humidity in Chicago too. Every time I go to the Midwest/South during the summer I remember that living in the desert isn’t all bad. Happy Running Day!

  6. First, I would like to say it’s very admirable that you’re embarking on marathon training, it takes determination and every kind of endurance possible. With that said, I still think you’re crazy for doing it. I still blog love you! And will follow your journey, every step of the way. And no, it will not inspire me to run a marathon myself 🙂

    • Trust me, I’m pretty sure I’m crazy for doing it. Excited, yes, but I also haven’t really gotten into the long runs yet. And just you wait. We’ll get you running marathons!

      • Never! My next distance goal is a half kilomathon: 13.1 km. If I’m able to do that, then half marathon. But that’s it! I’ll easily do marathon relay though.

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