June? Already?

Sending Fast Thoughts To:

1) Danielle AND Raquel (who are freezing in Scotland), will be running the Perth Kilt Run (wearing kilts of course).  I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for Monday race recaps!

2) Ellie and the other 2FN ladies will be running the Freihofer 5-k! I hear there will be good cookies, which we all know is one of the most important parts of life in general!

Good luck this weekend! I can’t wait to see how everyone does! 

Speaking of The Perth Kilt Run, I wouldn’t be a truly British-Royals-obsessed person without giving proper acknowledgement to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for her 60 years of service.  This weekend will be a celebration of her Diamond Jubilee (the kilt run is apparently part of the festivities).  Happy Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth!


So, June.  I’ve really gotten to the point where every month I think, “Wow, Jan/Feb/March/April/May/etc./etc. already?”  But this June seems really unbelievable in its arrival.

A year ago I made the commitment and signed up for my first half marathon.  We all know how that’s ended up…5 half marathons and a running blog later…

Four months ago I made a bigger and crazier commitment to running a full marathon. Aaron devised a training plan within days of that, and this Monday we will put that plan into action! I can’t believe that within two months, I will be running 20 miles… at a time! I can’t believe after 4 months of anticipation, Marathon Training Amy will finally become a reality.

At least I hope.

I started noticing some weird behind-the-knee pain during the Two Half Marathons in Two Weeks last month.  Nothing too weird, but a little annoying.  Since Run for the Zoo we’ve been really taking a break from running and focusing on other forms of exercise, so the pain went away because I wasn’t doing anything to provoke it.

Yesterday I had a big work event that required me to walk around a concrete warehouse in stilettos (well…the stilettos were my decision) all morning.  I don’t know if this is related or not, but…

Last night while doing sprints across the park, the knee pain came back in full force.  I had gone from perfectly normal to not being able to walk or bend my knee without pain.

When we got home Aaron put me through a 20 minute therapy session with the foam roller and exercises to loosen up.  I don’t remember what he said exactly, but there is a point where your something connects to your something else at the back of your knee, and it is irritated.

After a restless night of trying to sleep without bending my knee, I woke up this morning, and it feels stiff almost like it needs to be popped?  Perhaps I should make an appointment with my chiroprator.  Fridays are typically “leg” weight lifting days, but I couldn’t even bend into a squat.  I did a second round of foam rolling (OUCH…in the voice of ET) before work which seems to have helped a bit, but I’m a little worried.

{My Best Frenemy}

You may remember about a month and a half ago my IT band did some weird snappy thing and I had to cut a run short.  I know how to take care of that, and I did.  This feels different, and I just want to kick-off marathon training feeling strong, not gimpy.  Right now I can’t walk without noticing that something ain’t right.


Because today is National Donut Day (Incidentally, Mayor Bloomberg supports National Donut Day but does not support selling Soda in large quantities.  Even though he gave Matt Lauer a pretty logical explanation, I kind of think a mayor trying to crack down on obesity should think twice before endorsing donuts in Times Square.  Just sayin).

In other news, my place of employment is doing a “step” challenge.  They handed out pedometers in the lobby, and if you go a certain number of steps, you get cash.  I think my $5 check at the end of the month is incentive enough to jiggle around in this little contraption!  I’ve already done 682 steps! Though I will admit that the entire thing feels incredibly inaccurate.

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! 

Also, if you can tell that I recently discovered Instagram, you’d be correct.  I don’t really understand the whole “sharing” component (I guess we can be Instagram friends too in case blog friends and twitter friends isn’t enough?), but I do like the way I can edit my pictures!

10 thoughts on “June? Already?

    • We can be Instagram friends (I have no idea how we accomplish this though)! So far I have the pictures on the blog today, and one of a wall clock! Pretty interesting stuff to follow, I’d say! Pinterest I like purely as an ideas board, but I don’t get the social part to that either.

  1. Thanks for the mention Amy! Between Raquel and I, we will have photos. I’ll get my husband to bring his camera too. Btw, the Jubilee is to celebrate the Queen’s 60 years of service, not 75. The longest reigning Monarch to date is Queen Victoria, at 64 years (?), but the way Queen Elizabeth is going, she’ll surpass Victoria! Good luck with your gimpy knee 🙂

    • :O I promise I knew that! I think 75 years had something to do with National Donut Day (75 years since the first? I don’t know), and I was in my head. Thanks!

  2. I’m sorry about your knee. 😦 Hopefully it works itself out within the next few days and marathon training can take over!

    I’m obsessed with Instagram! I usually end up only using the same two or three filters and in general my pictures are crappy at-best, but there are some people who do some amazing stuff with their IG accounts!

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