Google Has Some Kinks to Work Out

So, at this exact time one year ago, I was here:

Soaking up the sun, enjoying life in Jamaica.  As you can imagine, I would really LOVE to be there right now.  I’d take any beach right now, actually.

But what’s really funny to me is that even now, people searching for all things Jamaica make up a significant amount of my blog traffic (as do people searching for pictures of westies).

Considering I write about something running related just about every day, most people don’t visit my blog to search about anything that has to do with running.  In fact, I’m wondering how google managed to connect some of these search terms to my blog at all.

I also feel bad because about 75% of the time, the poor person came to my blog under the impression that they would find what they were looking for, and I don’t think I lived up to their expectations.  I hate not having the answers.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to answer and address some of the more popular search terms that have brought people to me.  Hopefully I can be a better resource now!

1) what to pack for Jamaica in june

I actually wrote a whole post about it! Thinking back, the big things I remember are sunscreen, Dramamine, and enough swimsuits to wear 2-3 per day.

2) bridesmaid tragic/keira knightley bridesmaid dress

I think most people are looking here because they are considering this dress.  Please don’t do this to your bridesmaids.

3) sandals concierge service is it worth it

Another Jamaica question.  The answer is YES.  In fact, we’d even say save up for a couple more months and get Butler Service.  You won’t regret it. Who regrets having someone get your drinks while you lounge on your own personal beach bed? You can read more about Sandals HERE.

4) my dog is very tired

Mine too.  He’s even more tired in the summer when it gets hot.

5) God is a gael


6) cough syrup young the giant

Hmmm… I had to do my own google search for this one.  Apparently “Cough Syrup” is a song and “Young the Giant” is a band.

 7) amy freeze

I do.  Quite often actually. For example, I’m pretty frozen right here.

8) use less plastic

No problemo!

9) steve perry won’t stop believing

He sure won’t!

10) nice man

Here’s one for you:

11) “don’t touch that dial” pirate

Yeah…I don’t know.  But here’s a regular pirate for you!

12) sex on the boat

I’m *hoping* they meant this drink found in my overview of Jamaican drinks

13) cupcake beautiful nice

They were obviously looking for pictures of my amazing vegan lavender earl gray cupcakes!

14) mixed dwarf bunnies 9 weeks old

I know that there are dwarf bunnies and I think we can safely assume that many of them have been 9 weeks at one point.

15) hot tourist girls on Jamaican vacation

Do they get any hotter?

16) spoiled westies

What makes you think my puppy is spoiled?

18) Jamaican hot girls in yoga pants

Um….sorry, I can’t help you there.

19) Amy Lavender Denver

As far as I can tell, there is no Amy Lavender in Denver, however someone searched for this right after I was in Denver.  Maybe someone saw this super sexy picture of me, and wanted to know me better…?

20) Edinburgh Marathon Penis Medal

Only funny because Raquel put it in my comments section yesterday as a search term that came up in her list! Sorry, friends, I can help you with this one, but check out Raquel’s post for pictures!


So, considering the randomness that is my search term list, I asked other bloggers what weird terms had brought people to them.  Turns out I’m in somewhat of a minority because, except for people seeking out pictures of hot girls in Jamaica, it looks like my blog is relatively perverted creeper free!

Some quality ones:

“Cleaning in the buff” from Erika who made some commentary about a maid service.

“Edinburgh Marathon 2012 penis medal” from Raquel who could write a book on her crazy search terms.

“Charizards belly” from my cousin Bryan…apparently this is a cartoon character? I don’t know?

“Birthday porno mom” from Danielle on a post about her mom’s birthday (as far as I can tell, her mom isn’t involved in pornos).

and ““affymetrix genechip wheat” (among some other choice ones that made me laugh and cry for humanity at the same time) from Jon who knows more about genechips than most people and who still has no idea what this means.

So, you never know who’s looking at your blog.  Perhaps we are all more helpful than we ever knew, or perhaps there are people cursing us for not answering the queries.

7 thoughts on “Google Has Some Kinks to Work Out

  1. I also had ‘Gran Canaria nude beach’ and ‘Gran Canaria porno’ from my posts about our trip to Gran Canaria! You read my blog, it’s porno free!

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