Wine Cases, Valedictorian Speeches, and Tacky 21st Birthday Presents.

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend! (unless you live in a country that didn’t celebrate a 3-day weekend…in which case…sorry.).

Another frantic lunchtime post here! I’m hoping that after today, life will get back to a normal schedule that doesn’t involve extensive overtime and lots of birthday cake (though that birthday cake is quite yummy).

Things were pretty busy around here for me this weekend.  As the designated event coordinator for a non-profit, I had a fundraiser on both Friday and Saturday nights, so last week I was in full on event-coordinator Amy mode, and I spent a large chunk of holiday weekend working.  Aaron, as the husband of someone in event coordinator mode, also spent a large chunk of his weekend working at the fundraiser! Love him!

The good news about all of this was our silent auction winnings.  The silent auction consisted of cases and cases of spectacular Argentinian wine at fabulously discounted prices.  I love me some dry red!  Aaron and I left with 4 cases, which should hopefully last us until the end of the week!

{Half of our big winnings}

On Saturday, in between events, we went up to Taos, NM, about a 2 hour drive north, for my youngest cousin’s high school graduation.  It was ridiculously hot and windy, but we are so proud of him for graduating and having such a great post high school plan of action!

We also learned how to give a stellar valedictorian speech.  And by spectacular, I mean, WOW, homeboy, simmer down.  In between the standard,  “this is only the beginning, thank you everyone, blah blah blah” that goes on in these types of speeches, the valedictorian threw this stinger in there : “And thank you to Ms. Bennett who took time between her smoke breaks to teach. If she were here, she’d be glad to know that not one person in this class will ever go into economics because of her.”  Maybe not the best way to express feelings, but so amazingly entertaining.

Sunday we finally got a chance to put in a few running miles (it felt awesome!) and then we made a quick stop by Lululemon in between brunch and errands and #runchat to experience the new store.  I walked out with a Run: Tame Me tank.  I love every bit of it! I’ve always thought that Lulu was much better at designing yoga tops, but this run tank is very cute and functional!

Yesterday Aaron and his friends celebrated his 30th by riding their bikes to different breweries while I hung out at the winery with one of my old co-workers before heading to my parents house for a Memorial Day BBQ.

(I feel like I should insert something profound about Memorial Day here, but my gratitude to fallen heroes cannot be adequately expressed within this post).

This weekend was also the 75th birthday of my favorite landmark…The Golden Gate Bridge! I firmly resolve to one day have a house with a GGB view, though I would just settle for being back in the Bay Area.   Happy birthday, Golden Gate!

Today we are celebrating my sisters’ 21st birthday! I really can’t believe that the twins are turning 21 since I can’t believe that I’m not still 21.  It also brings back fond memories of heading to Safeway at midnight to buy my first bottle of booze (Alize if you’re wondering!) only to be turned down because of my out of state ID.  Lame sauce.  Hopefully the twins will be able to get their tropical drink on this evening.  And if they don’t, at least I will!

Happy birthday, Renee and Cheryl! 

{We’ve been asked if we were triplets before}

I was debating gifting them with a bottle of silent auction Argentinian Malbec, but I figure at 21, the palette isn’t quite developed enough to appreciate fine wine.  I think this would be more appropriate.  You’re welcome, mom.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is the strangest search term that has brought someone to your blog?  I’m curious.


15 thoughts on “Wine Cases, Valedictorian Speeches, and Tacky 21st Birthday Presents.

  1. I’m currently involved with organizing a silent auction for a non-profit also! i can’t believe all of the work the event coordinator is putting into this thing. I’m super excited for it to come together though!

    I like your Lulu tank choice! I’ve been wearing more Lulu running stuff and am happy with all of it 🙂

    • Coordinating a fundraiser is a lot of work, but if feels awesome when you realize how much money you’ve made to help your organization at the end of the night! I hope everything goes well with your event! And Lulu is just beyond words amazing. They put so much effort into designing gear that is really functional.

  2. My blog attracts some interesting searches…. I think having the term “fat” and “nerd” bring all sorts of interesting queries.. here are a few that stood out as I was scanning through!

    “affymetrix genechip wheat”
    – I assume this was from one of my science posts

    “trifexis makes my dog feel bad for a couple of days is this normal”
    – My dog was on Trifexis when she got a tick!

    “does freihofer’s give out cookies? 5k”
    – Valid question in my opinion!

    “how to get p***y when ur a fat nerd”
    – Really people? I mean seriously?

    “fat nerd eating at restraunt”
    – I did chuckle a little bit

    “hendricks gin history”
    – I don’t even know what this is or how its related to my blog at all

    I guess you never know what terms will show up in your search feed. It does make me laugh though!

    • I actually Lol’d at this! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has weird search terms associated with my blog! I also sometimes feel bad because these people obviously didn’t find the answers they were looking for. I’m glad some of these questions HAVEN’T been answered on your blog!

  3. ‘Birthday porno mom’ and that was for the post I did for my mom’s birthday!!!!! I’m a former Alize fan myself 🙂 I know go for Kir Royale fizz from Marks and Spencers, or mojitos! Wine and I still haven’t found each other. What is your family’s heritage?????

    • You need to stop writing about such perverted things, Danielle! Alize is tasty, but I think that was the only bottle I ever bought for myself. I liked it because it was blue! We are Spanish, English, Native American, and French. Most people assume that we’re Asian or Persian, but they never, ever guess Spanish!

  4. The first thing I bought when I turned 21 was some beer from 7-11. I wasn’t ID’d. 😦
    Weird search terms that lead someone to my blog: “Charizards belly” and “no lips”, though to be fair, both of those are represented on my blog.

    • How did I not know that you had a blog? And why doesn’t it have more pictures of you hanging out with rock stars? Or does that not happen anymore?

      • Everything posted prior to this year is awful, don’t read it.
        I try to avoid rock stars at this point in my life. I’m too old for that lifestyle.

  5. It’s only 18 to drink in the UK, so I was over getting tanked when I was 21! 🙂
    Considering ‘slut’ is 50% of the words that make up my blog, I get a whole prison wing’s worth of filth in my search term results. Today, this one made me giggle, because it means I’m not the only one who thought what I did:

    Edinburgh Marathon 2012 penis medal

    • I always wonder if people are really disappointed when they get to my blog and realize that there are no naked pictures (or pictures of what they were looking for) on there! I’m sure you got some traffic of people really hoping to find some saucy cleaning photos from that post! And red wine is so good!

  6. I love that Lulu top!! I agree I typically think of them for great yoga apparel (sometimes the tops don’t have enough support for running). I’ll have to check this one out. Congrats to you on getting a Lulu store in town, but my condolences to your wallet 🙂 There is one within walking distance of my office… this is very, very dangerous.

    • So dangerous! The new store is way closer to my house than the old one, so it might be very bad. And I love this tank because it doesn’t have a built in shelf bra! But otherwise, I agree…I can’t wear their yoga tops for running.

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