What’s Trending?

Who’s Racing?

Raquel has her half marathon this weekend! Run, Raquel, run!

Shannon, a fellow Albuquerquean, is heading to New York to run the Buffalo Marathon.

Good luck ladies!

(and apologies if I missed anyone.  Monday inevitably always brings a race recap from someone I accidentally left out!  This week has been particularly busy with work stuff and birthday stuff, and blog stalking has taken a back burner to things like sleep and eating cake…and an insane amount of work).


Danielle, my favorite Canadian living in Scotland, tagged me in her “Trending” post kind of a long time ago, and I have been slowly building this list one item at a time, probably a bit to her dismay! The point behind it is to list  the top 7 things trending in your life.  Usually I’m pretty good at this type of thing.  I never have met a survey that I didn’t like (except for those blasted “self-evaluation” ones).  But for whatever reason, I was having a hard time coming up with good stuff.  And when I did,  a few days would go by, and I’d realize that it was not as good as I thought.  But, I can’t put this off any longer!  One of these days I’m actually going to make it to “Pizza Friday” on the other side of the pond, and I don’t want to be kicked out on the account that I didn’t finish my 7 things post soon enough!

So…as of today, here are the top things TRENDING in the life of Amy.

1) Lululemon grand opening

We’ve had a showroom here for a couple of years (open 3 days a week with a very limited selection), but Albuquerque is finally getting our very own full Lululemon store! It doesn’t matter that I actually have to save up before shopping there.  The clothes are just absolutely amazing, and the customer service makes me want to take the Lulu girls (and now boys) home with me to add pep to my daily life.  I probably won’t get over there until Sunday, but I am so excited to have full access to Lulu!

2) Our Little Veggie Garden

I can take no responsibility for this.  The garden is completely Aaron’s doing, and he treats it very well.  I’m looking forward to some homegrown, organic goodness in my future!

3) Mad Men

This is one of those items that I put down here a while ago.  I actually haven’t seen the last 2 episodes, but when I left off, my bff Rory Gilmore was hanging out in 1960’s land.  I love Mad Men.  I love Rory Gilmore.  Forget the fact that Rory is carrying on an adulterous affair with Pete, a new father, I still love her (but seriously, Rory….you couldn’t go for someone better looking?)  For all I know she isn’t even guest starring anymore, or she’s moved on to Don or something, but I’m loving her on that show!

4) The sunshine

I love the weather! For the most part, we’ve had a perfect spring, with minimal wind, and almost no rain.  Just glorious sunshine! (UPDATE: Today is windy and super smokey because of a wildfire burning in the southern part of the state.  There is a health advisory warning not to be outside for the next few days because you will feel like a chain smoker).

5) Upcoming marathon training

Coming up here soon in the next week or so, we will start training for our marathon! I know that there isn’t any reason that I can start now, but I really like the “kick-off” feeling.  I’m excited to be dedicated to this, I’m excited to reach goals, and I’m excited to run a race and not get all emo about the results.  And I’m ready to reestablish those runner’s calves that have disappeared somewhere.

6) New York Times Crossword Puzzle

I downloaded the app on my iPad, and it is quite the time consumer.  I’ve never been into crossword puzzles, so I never knew how out of the box your thinking has to be to get some of these.  Right now I’m averaging about 3 days and 20 lifelines per puzzle, but I kind of feel smarter now.

{This is a stock photo…please don’t judge me if the answers are wrong!}

7) This guy

and this guy.

Most of the time I can’t even believe how lucky I am to be married to such an awesome person, and we’re both always amazed at how incredibly amazing and well-behaved our puppy is.  They are trends in my life every minute of every day!

There was more to this post (tagging other people to participate), but I have officially run out of time on my lunch break, and with 3 big events going on before the weekend is through (2 that I’m organizing), I will see you all on Tuesday! So, please feel free to do your own 7 trending things post, and pretend that I actually tagged you! (I also don’t have time to spell check or re-read through, so I apologize in advance for the misspellings!).

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!

10 thoughts on “What’s Trending?

  1. I love it! You’re my favourite Albuquerquean who will come for Pizza Friday one of these days. Yes, your little Westie is adorable, and Lululemon is awesome, too bad it’s so expensive! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I live in the suck-hole of the Midwest, and we don’t have Lululemon anywhere near here, so I’m completely jealous! I’m also jealous of your awesome garden! My husband and I tried to grow some herbs and tomatoes last year, and it ended disasterously! 😦

    I can’t wait to follow your marathon training! I’m not sure I’ll ever run a full marathon, but I always love reading about the journey! Full marathoners are so inspiring!

    Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    • Yeah, our garden didn’t turn out so well last year either, and for some reason, herbs never work out! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Haha it’s funny — my hubby is the caretaker of our garden, too! He does such a good job 🙂

    I’m excited to start marathon training around the same time as you and read about your progress — I’m sure I’ll be able to relate!

    Ive said it before but your pup is sooo cute!

  4. I’m dreading marathon training! But it all starts in a couple of weeks for me too. If I could manage to do 2 halfs at the speed I did today, I’d be beyond ecstatic! Unfortunately, this is totally unlikely. 😛

    • Haha! That is exactly what I keep saying…all I have to do is double my half marathon time! But then I remember that 26 miles is a lot more than 13 miles. Sounds like you had a great half marathon (I’ll have to check out your recap!).

    • Mad Men is amazing! And I think Gilmore Girls is the only T.V. series of which I’ve seen every single episode. Such a good show!

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