The Great Moth Invasion, and a Hurt IT Band

Race Shout-Outs:

I want to wish good luck to Jamie from My Run is Not Done who is running the Law Day Half Marathon on May 1st.  She just recently ran her first marathon, so this should be a nice, easy walk in the park!

And Whitney from Racing the States (who I totally missed last week when she ran her half marathon and PR’d by 5 minutes) is running the Mud Hen 5-K.  I’m also excited to welcome her to Albuquerque next week where we’ll both be running Run for the Zoo! (That’s 3 races in 3 weekends for her if you’re counting).

Nataliya from I Run for Ice Cream who is running the La Jolla half this weekend! As if her being in La Jolla doesn’t make me jealous enough, she’s also enjoying some In N Out Burger in between the miles!

Typically, in movies, big swarms of flying bugs signal bad things to come.  This is not a happy time for the characters.  In fact, in many cases, the characters are about to go into The End Times.

This is kind of how I (and everyone else in the Albuquerque Area) has felt since Sunday.

Apparently we are some kind of pit stop for the Great Moth Migration, but they seem to be sticking around for a while.  It is impossible to open up a door without a bunch flying in.  At night, walking and/or running is a nightmare.  Like, an actual nightmare where you have millions of little flying creatures swarming around you, trying to eat you.

 {I wish this picture captured the sheer density of flying creatures}

And even though I am so grossed out by this, I also have a hard time killing moths.  I will kill ants, spiders, or cockroaches in a heartbeat (that’s a lie…I squeal and Aaron kills), but I can’t kill moths.  Someone once told me that in some culture (Filipino maybe?), moths are the souls of dead people.  This actually makes the whole situation much creepier…but at the same time, I don’t want to be the type of person who crushes people’s souls.

So… I have a bunch of little moths in my house that I refuse to kill.  Giuseppe is in little puppy hunter heaven.  He hardly ever gets to hunt living, moving creatures (as opposed to treats or stuffed squeaky toys), and he is doing a good job of keeping the moth population under control in our living room!

{I can’t even express how much I LOVE this picture.  Aaron is one talented photographer}

The moths also add another unpleasant aspect to our runs.  Not only are we trying to breathe with all the pollen and unseasonably warm April temperatures, we now have to worry about little moths.

UPDATE: As of yesterday evening, we got a huge wind storm, so it looks like maybe the moths are being blown out of town.  I hate the wind.  I hate moths.  I feel like I can’t win in this situation.

AND THEN, as we were running Wednesday, my IT band cramped up, and I had to stop 1 mile in.

I think one of the worst things ever in the world of my running is when I’ve made the effort, I’m out on my run, and BAM, I have to stop.  It feels like such a waste of a workout.  Plus, Aaron had to stop his run so he could walk home with me  to make sure I didn’t collapse in the street, so his run was a waste too.  I don’t like it.  We consoled ourselves with cold moscato and Costco pizza (I was going to quote the rap song about moscato here, but I can’t remember it! I looked up all sorts of rap songs with moscato in the lyrics, and none of them sound familiar).

I’m doing all of the responsible things like icing and stretching and rolling out.

I took advantage of looking like I ran but without the gross sweatiness to finally take some pictures of my Medi-Dyne RangeRoller in action that had been requested of me.  The look of pain is quite real.  Rolling out an IT band that hurts too much to run on is probably the worst form of torture.

Aaron started having sympathy pains that turned into full-blown leg spasms.  Like, he’ll be walking and then he’ll just collapse in agony. I asked if he needed me to take him to the doctor.  He opted to do 30 minutes of  yoga poses instead.

We’re kind of broken right now.

*Also, I think I was misleading last week since people keep asking about my half marathon this weekend.  I literally meant 2 half marathons in two actual weeks.  Not weekends.  My next half marathon will be NEXT weekend.  The day after Cinco de Mayo.  Methinks margaritas have lots of carbs in them, as do nachos.  I have lost exactly 1 pound since the beginning of April.  I wonder why?

Have a happy weekend!

12 thoughts on “The Great Moth Invasion, and a Hurt IT Band

  1. New reader here (fellow runner). You are the second person in my life to reference moths as souls. I have to go apologize to the first person who I called crazy since you’ve confirmed he didn’t make it up (my brother, actually)!! And, sorry about the IT pain – I’ve been struggling with that since my last 10K but it’s getting better. Good luck as you prep for your next 1/2!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I did a really quick google search, and I couldn’t find anything concrete about moths or where something like that might have originated. Your brother and I could both very well be crazy!

    • Thank you! It seems so odd that we are both having bad issues. Maybe we didn’t do enough to properly recover after our half on Saturday? I don’t know. But I agree. They are the worst. It’s like my whole right side is dysfunctional.

  2. Omg, I tried one of those rollers during Ragnar. Best. Thing. Ever! I need to get me one of those!!
    Good Luck to the Runners this weekend.
    Those moths are disgusting. It looks like something out if a horror film! Gross!! But I love the picture with the pup in the background. So cute!
    I’ll be thinking of you during your half. I’m doing one on that day, too. Not sure i will be downing the margaritas before, sadly, but you bet i sure will afterwards!!

    • Well, you may not even want margaritas next week after a weekend in Vegas ;). And there seems to be a lot less moths today, so hopefully they are on their way to wherever they are going!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Amy! I made dark chocolate brownies for dessert and to eat during the NFL draft and now I’m trying to avoid them before my half on Tuesday (random day to have a half, a bunch of Army guys who planned it). I’m my own worst food enemy.
    Sorry to hear you and hubs are each having your own aches. 😦 Isn’t the stick roller great and terrible at the same time? At least you got it for free. And all those moths would give me the heebie jeebies too! Good thing your puppy is preying on them! Have a great weekend lady!

    • And now I want Brownies! I had to check a couple of times because I thought Tuesday was a weird day, but Boston is on a Monday and no one even thinks twice about it. Have a great weekend too!

  4. Thanks for the Shout out! Maybe we can find each other at the race! Although, I’ll be wandering around Alburqueque aimlessly like a lost tourist because I actually have no sense of direction, but I’ll figure it out! Also…moths! They freak me out, and even though I would kill one (sorry) I can’t get close enough without jumping like i’m in a scary movie. Recently, I’ve been driving home from work and the last few nights there’s been a moth hitchhiking and it will fly right in my face as I’m driving…i’m surprised I have gotten pulled over for suspected drunk driving (especially cause I get off work at like 2am!) lol

    • I hope the race went well! When in Albuquerque, just remember that the Mountains are east…I don’t know if that is helpful at all, but I always know that if I just keep going toward the mountains, I’ll eventually find my way back home! Email me if you need anything this weekend, or even if you want to meet up for a Cinco de Mayo margarita!

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