Baby Showers in the Air

By the looks of my facebook feed, Saturday was a very popular day for baby showers.

Right now about 95% of my facebook friends are pregnant, engaged, or recently married.  I’m perfectly happy not fitting into any of those categories (though truthfully, if I could get both Aaron and my dad on board, I would hold a vow renewal EVERY year).

This weekend is also the first time I had someone actually very genuinely, jaw droppingly surprised when they found out my age and that we weren’t interested in having kids yet.  Not that I’m bothered by it, but it did feel a little odd.  It’s not like I’m THAT old.

Anyway, I did my part in contributing to the Saturday baby shower madness.  Immediately after the major half marathon suckage, I booked it home, got showered, and made it across town to help a couple of other ladies in hosting a baby shower for a friend who is going to have a baby this weekend.

Dear men folk (and really, anyone who can’t deal with looking at any more baby shower pictures if your facebook feed looks like mine), you will not hurt my feelings if you don’t gasp in amazement at our baby shower hosting skills.  I mean, yes, we spent hours pinning and crafting, but if fluffy pink balls hanging above pink cupcakes aren’t intesteting to you, that’s ok.

For everyone else, here are pictures of fluffy pink balls hanging above pink cupcakes! Friend Rebecca can take credit for a lot of this, but I did make the fluffy balls, the celebrity baby game display, the favors, and the 10 million little triangles.  Her baby shower motifs were (for a girl obviously) onsies and bunting.

4 thoughts on “Baby Showers in the Air

  1. I like how you wrote about your wait to have kids; at 32, I feel exactly the same. My facebook page is full of baby and little kid stuff all the time, but I have no desire to have a baby just yet. My husband and I feel like there’s so much stuff we want to still do before we have children, and we know our lives will change drastically when a baby comes, (we also know that will be a good change, in many ways).

  2. You just gave me some good ideas. I’m hosting a shower soon so I loved seeing your pics!
    Totally agree with you on waiting for a baby!!! Get it all out of the way. I love love love my baby girl, but we can’t just go traveling on a whim anymore. That can be honestly sad sometimes.

    • Haha! Your daughter is so cute! But yeah, every time it comes up in conversation, we start thinking of all the vacations we wouldn’t be able to spontaneously go on.

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