Boston, Titanic, Sneeziness, Etc.

Happy Friday the 13th!  Every 6 years my birthday falls on Friday the 13th, so I bear no ill will toward the occasion or the number 13 in general. Though I suppose if I break a mirror today, I may get a bit creeped out.

Also, tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  Even though the movie is terrible, (and I get SO ANGRY at Rose for not letting Leo on the door with her) the story itself is so incredibly tragic, and it kind of makes me mad how things were handled.  I don’t know how to celebrate the occasion properly since I flat-out refuse to watch that movie again.  Any suggestions? Celine Dion sing-a-long? Iceberg lettuce wedge salad? I don’t know, but it seems like an occasion worthy of remembering.

Meanwhile, I am sneezing my eyes out.  I am loving the warm weather, but the spring wind has shown up, and my allergies are miserable.  Growing up, I never had any problems with allergies.  But over the last few years I’ve suffered the sore throat, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and tiredness that comes with too much pollen in the air.  I’m not sure how one developes allergies later in life (especially because I pretty much live in the same neighborhood aka pollen zone that I grew up in), but I am now a mild allergy sufferer.

Aaron on the other hand has always had bad allergies.  To everything.  Don’t put this poor boy in charge of de-shelling shrimp unless you want to see a big puff ball of a Lavender. And pistachios? Forget about it.  Springtime (actually all the time except for winter) is one long sneezyfest.  Even with allergy medication, running outside can get miserable.

As a result, we’ve been way unmotivated this last week to run outside.  Apparently we have forgotten about our half marathon next weekend? Treadmill runs just aren’t the same, and mileage has been lower than it should this week.  Plus, both of us just feel so congested. I feel like I’m not getting adequate oxygen intake when I run, and it isn’t pleasant. But me and everyone else, right?  Guess I’ll just have to suck it up and roll with it.

So even though I’m not getting good runs in this week, I wanted to do some HUGE good luck shout-outs to some awesome folks taking over Boston this weekend.

1) Julie from Run Revolution is running the Boston Marathon on Monday! She has been training since September, and she has worked so hard (plus, she has the cutest race day outfit).  I am so excited for her and I know she is going to do amazing!

2) The 2 Fat Nerds crew is running the 5K version of the Boston Marathon this weekend.  For most of them, this is their first race.  They have all been working hard toward this goal, and I know they are going to dominate!

So, if you could please join me in sending your fast thoughts toward Boston, these folks would appreciate it!

Is anyone else racing and in need of some fast thoughts?

Also, I am slightly jealous of anyone at Coachella right now (and/or next weekend).  I have been wanting to go for a few years, but Coachella is in the middle of nowhere (no direct flights to the area), I hate camping in non forest situations, but hotels are crazy expensive, plus tickets aren’t exactly cheap.  Too many factors to consider, and I just have never done the advanced planning to get us there.  I feel like next year should be our year because after that we start becoming the weirdo old people.  Heck, we might even already be.  Though, with Radiohead, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog as the headliners, maybe they’re shooting for an older crowd.

ANYWAY, I hope you have a lovely weekend!  I have some baby shower crafting, 11 miles tomorrow, and some serious Mad Men catch up to do in between all the sneezing and Coachella Envy.

SIDENOTE: I’m considering registering my own domain ( as opposed to  Has anyone done it and regretted it?  I don’t want to self host because I’m just not that creative, but I wouldn’t mind having a shorter URL.  Also, they make a big deal about making your information private for an extra $8.  Is this paranoia, or something I should be genuinely concerned about?

9 thoughts on “Boston, Titanic, Sneeziness, Etc.

  1. I thankfully do not have allergies, my brother does and around this time he is pretty miserable so I feel for you guys! Also, good luck with your half marathon next weekend…I will at Coachella soaking in the 90 degree weather and the music!

  2. Ahh ha ha, I love the iceberg wedge salad idea!
    GOOD LUCK TO THE MARATHONERS! Super exciting!!
    You have got to try Coachella sometime! It’s super nice out there and you can’t beat the bands!
    Yes, you also have to get caught up on Mad Men..I need to hear what you think!
    And I have baby shower crafting to think about too…yay!
    Sorry, I know my comment is a little all over the place. I made the switch to my own URL and self hosting. I think it’s good to at least claim the name in case you ever do want to go the self hosting route (which I am really liking because you get more freedom). I don’t remember if I paid the 8 bucks or not.

    • Thanks for the url recommendation! For some reason the Mad Men episodes aren’t loading onto On Demand for a week after airing. It is almost annoying enough for me to watch it with all of the other normal people.

  3. I’m thinking of getting my own URL as well, let me know how it goes with yours. Allergies and congestion sucks, good luck making it through your runs and with the half marathon!

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