Easter Was My Lucky Day

Happy Monday!

(I wrote everything below this morning, before the day started.  I will say that the day took kind of a weird turn, not for me specifically except for spilling an entire 32 ounce glass of water on my lap at work and having very wet pants all morning, but the day wasn’t so good at all for other people I know, and I was in a funky mood all day. Seriously, Monday.  You win yet again).


I don’t know about you, but I am STILL pretty full off of the Easter feast.  We started off Easter right at a buffet brunch with my family and we ate A LOT. Like, pancakes, prime rib, eggs Benedict, 3 little mini pies, and 3 trips through the line a lot.  Obviously I am unconcerned about Operation Anti-Jiggle.  And obviously Coach Aaron will make me regret trips 2 and 3 through the buffet this week.

Then, just a few hours later, we went to dinner at Aaron’s aunt’s house, and more food was eaten (though considerably less).  The food was wonderful!  But feeling like Violet Beauregard, the girl turned blueberry from Willy Wonka who has to be rolled around, made me realize why I can’t eat like that all the time.  Yucky doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I actually woke up today excited to eat a boring amount of healthy food.  WEIRD.

I also had a rather lucky Easter, and I’m not just talking about my Easter Basket winnings including chocolate and a bottle of mimosa (THANKS, MOM!)

Yesterday, we took Giuseppe to my parents’ house for a Puppy Easter Egg Hunt! (my mom hid doggy treats around the backyard for the puppies to find).

Both dogs knew that they were searching for something, and they played along, even if they had no idea why.

While they were running around looking for treats, I was looking through the grass, and happened upon a patch of clovers.  In my childhood, I used to find 4 leaf clovers in my parent’s yard pretty often.  I haven’t found one in years, so I figured my luck had pretty much run out.

But then yesterday, in a tiny little clover patch in the middle of the lawn, I found…a FOUR LEAF CLOVER!

If that had been the only thing to happen yesterday, it would have been a good Easter.

But better things were in store.

Last night, after rolling myself back home from my second feast of the day, I participated in #runchat, an hour long Twitter Q & A that takes place every other Sunday.  I’ve actually found a lot of new Twitter runner friends on #runchat.

Each bi-weekly #runchat has a different giveaway sponsor, and 1-3 lucky participants win a prize just for twittering along.

I NEVER win stuff like this.  Sometimes I win at the “everybody wins” drawings, but not always.

Well, thanks to the powers of Easter and my clover, I WON last night! I was selected as the winner of a Medi-Dyne RangeRoller.  I don’t know too much about the stick or Medi-Dyne.  It looks a little different than my massage stick.  We’ll have to see how it works when it arrives in the mail! But regardless, I’m just so excited that I won!

Anyway, I hope your Easter was wonderful.  It is possible that we are all in need of some serious boot camp (or maybe I was the only one who thought trying every dessert was a good idea?).  And I hope your Monday went ok.  I’ve always thought the Monday after Easter should be a holiday.   Then we could have ALL day to work off the Easter feast.  Or, you know, party like a puppy.

16 thoughts on “Easter Was My Lucky Day

    • I think you’d like runchat. I’m pretty curious about the rangeroller too. I have one of the “sticks” but this has…I don’t even know what you call those? Ribbing? I don’t know if it targets different areas or has different pressure. I guess I’ll find out!

  1. I spent ages – AGES – as a child hunting through fields for a four leaf clover! You should press it and frame it, amazing find! And I feel you on the never-winning-anything vibe, enjoy the…. pain that thing’ll bring you! 😉

    • I did press it, because within about 5 minutes of picking it, it started wilting, and I wasn’t about to let something like that wither away. And pain is right! I know it is good to massage out the muscles, but man does it hurt sometimes.

  2. I stuffed myself on Easter too! :)A friend cooked a big dinner and then I ate every type of Reese’s peanut butter candy is available. Congrats on winning at Runchat! Isn’t that fun to win? I should jump in the chat next time it rolls around, I always forget.
    Lastly, the puppy Easter egg hunt? Sooo cute!

    • I always forget about runchat too. Luckily I happened to log into twitter right as it was starting, and I saw some people answering questions. Reese’s are my favorite! I didn’t get any this year (probably a good thing!).

    • It was very fun for us and the puppies! My mom treats our dog like a grandchild, so no way would she let him go through Easter without hunting for something!

  3. Great post and great pictures of the puppies! I too ate every dessert at the table on Easter (a small piece of each, but a piece of each!!) This week will be damage control!

  4. I love love love that you had a hunt for the doggies! I would totally be doing this too!!
    And I’ve got to get on #runchat. I totally forgot about it this past weekend! Congrats on your win and finding the 4 leaf clover. What a great weekend!!

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