I Want My Old Metabolism Back

Sometimes having a personal trainer as a husband is cool.  I get neat equipment samples for our house and no end to fitness tips and new exercises to try.

But…sometimes, having a personal trainer as a husband is not as cool.

Like when I write a blog post about how I want to lose 7 pounds in one month.

Then I get text messages like the following:

“I saw your blog. Do I need to boot camp train you into shape?

-Also, no more cookies.

-Or cupcakes.”

Typically, Aaron leaves his gym persona at the gym.  We do run, and he’s helped a lot with that, but any other strength or core training is usually on my own.  And that’s a good thing (and also probably why I don’t look like Gisele).  Among our old workout group friends, he is known as Dr. Evil.  I’d rather not encounter Dr. Evil in my living room, stealing my cookies out of my hands while making me do push-ups.

But, his excitement for torture was pretty apparent this time around.

Boot camp officially started on Tuesday (it was supposed to start on Monday, but, oops).  I have lost half a pound already….which means I have 6.5 more pounds to go in the next 25 days.  Doable? Maybe.  I was hoping to lose 1-2 pounds per week, and I’m already behind.  This really makes me miss Amy’s 18 year old metabolism.

Team Beach Body

We’ve been sticking with our regular running workouts.  But, now that I run so much, my body is becoming pretty efficient at it, and I’m not getting the same calorie burn that I used to.  In addition to eating protein and veggies for dinner as opposed to less healthy options, we’re also having to incorporate a lot of exercises that we haven’t been doing, and switching them up everyday to get the body shock factor.

One of the first things we did was Aaron’s Deck of Cards workout, a.k.a. how to hate squats in 40 minutes or less.

Each suit represents a different exercise (squat jumps, push-ups, lunges, sprinter sit-ups).  The number on the card represents the number that you do.  Face cards equal cardio type exercises like mountain climbers, groiners (yup, real exercise), squat jumps, and burpees (20 each).  Aces equal 1 minute planks.

This keeps your heart rate up while getting in some tried and true muscle building exercises.  Plus, you never know which card is getting picked, so it makes it more…well, fun isn’t the word.  Interesting?

The whole deck takes about 40 minutes.  It was the most unfun 40 minutes I’ve had in a while.  20 burpees after 20 squat jumps followed by 10 lunges hurts even more the next day.

{EVIL cards}

At times like these I feel like just not eating for 5 days would be easier.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! I hope the Easter bunny brings lots of chocolate!

12 thoughts on “I Want My Old Metabolism Back

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the deck of cards idea, probably because I haven’t done it yet!! Passing it along to some of my trainer freinds and I’ll make sure to tell them where I got it from!

  2. Talk about having an accountability (lifetime) partner! I’m glad your husband’s helping you out with the Deck of Cards. My husband and I meet at the gym for lunch workouts, so it keeps me on top of jumpstarting my old metabolism. Hang in there girl!

    • Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I usually run for about 30 minutes on weekdays (3-4 miles). For the cardio exercises on the deck of cards workout (burpees, mountain climbers, groiners, squat jumps), we did 20 reps x 4 (for each face card) of each. It can be adjusted to fit whatever level you are at.

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