Commence Operation “Don’t be a Jiggly Blob on the Beach”

The weather has been marvelous here for the past week.  A good 10 degrees above average, and almost no wind.  While I’m assuming that it won’t last, especially since we always get snow the first weekend of May, the weather has reminded me of upcoming……BIKINI SEASON!

Last year at this time I was BEYOND motivated to work out because of the Jamaica vacation.

Photo by Rebecca Palmer

{Lean Jamaica Amy….can we get back there, please?}

I am unlikely to get near a beach this summer, though a probable trip to New York in September will get me close (maybe a day trip to the Hampton’s? Can you do a day trip from Manhattan to the Hampton’s? Is Atlantic City a better option? Will I be disappointed if I go to Atlantic City and it doesn’t look like Boardwalk Empire? Are these places even beaches like the ones I’m used to? I feel so out of the NY loop as a Southwesterner).

But nonetheless, you never know when some person will decide to invite us on an all expenses paid trip to the Caribbean, so I’d like to be ready just in case.

Plus, the less weight you have to carry around, the faster you run.  I would hate to finish these upcoming half marathons minutes slower simply because I couldn’t resist eating 2 cookies for breakfast.  For 2 days in a row.

Since I started running more seriously, I haven’t focused on weight loss.  Reducing carbs gets the weight down fast, but I don’t want to reduce carbs if  I’m needing that energy.  After a long run, I just want to EAT everything in sight, and I don’t really care if it is too healthy or not.

Still, running was doing a good job of keeping off the weight, and even after Christmas and a trip to Michigan where people eat a lot of white bread, I was able to stay at the upper end of my target zone.

But two weeks ago I did a taper for the 10 miler (which only turned out to be a 10k) reducing my mileage, then I nursed my twisted ankle for a week, and then this week we’ve had some family stuff going on and with family stuff comes a lot of comfort food and entertaining out-of-town relatives. I’ve been eating a lot more and working out a lot less.

On Monday I got on the scale. Even if I hadn’t, I’m at the point where my jeans are taking quite the effort (and sometimes some assistance) to get on.

Long story short, I want to lose 7 pounds in the next month to get me back to Jamaica Amy.

Even though I’m in “off” training season until June when Marathon training kicks off, I still have two half-marathons coming up in the next 6 weeks. I can use taper weeks to get in some low carb days, and over the next 2 weeks before taper I can get in some more intense weight lifting days.  I can substitute salads for french fries with my cheeseburgers (I suppose I can TRY to substitute grilled chicken for cheeseburgers). And I can probably go without high calorie margaritas until Cinco de Mayo.

It won’t be easy, and I will probably be grumpy for the next month, but it must be done.

And then I may buy myself a kiddie pool and go crazy.  Unless someone wants to take me to St. Lucia?

{I was searching for an inspiring fitness poster, but all of them have half naked girls who didn’t drink water for 3 days in order to have that much muscle definition for the picture.  I opted against that. Healthy weight loss all the way!}

10 thoughts on “Commence Operation “Don’t be a Jiggly Blob on the Beach”

  1. I totally thought all this weight would just pour off of me when I started running, ummm…no. How can you help not wanting to chow after a 10 miler?? I am trying to be better at getting in crossfit, but we’re also at that place where having another kid is an option, so we’ll see about bikini season. But till then, I’ll be trying to eat better, too! Good luck!!

    • I thought the same thing! I thought for sure that training for a half marathon would keep me thin, but I was way thinner when I wasn’t training for one. I should probably try crossfit. And I’ve seen some ladies rock their baby bump in a bikini, so you never know!

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