Come to Think of It…Were the Irish Lucky?

May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Well, I’m not too versed in Irish history, but I don’t recall the Irish having the best luck unless you consider the Potato Famine and religious riots to be lucky.  So, maybe to wish Irish luck on someone isn’t necessarily doing them any favors?

{NO! Get away!}

I wrote yesterday how my St. Patrick’s Day themed race didn’t go so well

But as I browsed around blog land, it doesn’t look like I was the only one who had a rather unlucky Shamrock race experience.

Among other mishaps, Julie from Run Revolution actually woke up 20 minutes before race start and had to frantically get her sleepy self to the start line. She still managed to place 2nd in her division!  

Then I saw Tiffany’s post about her St. Patrick’s Day half marathon that she had been training for and didn’t get to run because she accidentally locked her keys in her car (they were in plain view right on the front seat).  Like her, I would not have felt comfortable running for a couple of hours knowing that I had left a gigantic “STEAL ME” sign on my car. 

It looks like the luck of the Irish was definitely with us! Here’s hoping that next year it WON’T be!

Any other stories about unlucky race happenings?  They seem to be more common than I thought!

6 thoughts on “Come to Think of It…Were the Irish Lucky?

  1. The train (that should have been at the armory/race at 7:30) I was on broke down and I actually did not get to the armory until 8:03. I had to propel myself through 14 corrals of people. I was suppose to be in corral 4, but corral 18 was starting when I got there. Although I guess this battling myself out of the swarm of people built up my adrenaline. I don’t think my stress level from the broken train stopped until mile 24 when i was too busy battling my personal wall to still be stressed. It turned out for the best though.

  2. I hate stuff like that…completely out of your control and nothing you can do about it except sit on the stupid broken down strain and stress. I guess it did work out for you since you finished strong anyway!

  3. I love your blog tagline! Man, do I love French fries. That’s funny. I’m very very Irish from both sides of the family — freckles much?!?! — and I always claim to be soo lucky. But my friends tease me because in reality, I’m kind of unlucky!!

    • Aren’t french fries the best!? I’ve tried giving them up, but I can’t. And I’m not Irish, but I’m pretty unlucky too… I don’t know how to explain that…But I’ve always thought I’d make a good Irish person, so I’m pretty jealous of your Irish genes!

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