General St. Patrick’s Day Themed Musings

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays!

No expectations, no fancy costumes, no presents to buy.  Just green beer, corned beef and cabbage, and general revelries. And maybe some kissing and/or pinching if you are so lucky!

I’m actually not in any way Irish.  But tomorrow, it won’t matter because I will be celebrating with the best of them (at least a little bit)!

I have been beyond busy this past week (and I’m actually feeling super exhausted), so all I can do is come up with St.Patrick’s Day thoughts in little, tiny increments. That, and March Madness is going on.

General St. Patrick’s Day Musings:

1) I met my husband on St. Patrick’s Day in 2008.  We were sitting next to each other at the fire pit at a party and talked for a couple of hours.  He didn’t end up asking me out for a couple of months (which is a good thing since he was dating someone else at the time), but I pretty much decided I was going to marry him that night.  And hey, here we are!

2) I am really bad at drinking Irish car bombs.  I can’t gulp down fast enough, and by the time I get to the bottom of the beer, my Bailey’s has curdled.  Curdled Bailey’s and beer is pretty awful to slurp down.

3) I had no idea that Shamrock Shuffles/St. Patrick’s Day races were so big.  It seems like everyone I follow is doing one in different cities all over the country.  I will personally be running my 10-miler this weekend!

4) My 10-miler race is the morning AFTER St. Patrick’s Day.  Not cool, race people.  Combine that with soreness so bad that it hurts to turn my steering wheel from a kick-boxing class I randomly decided to take on Wednesday (idiot Amy did a man push-up with every burpee and there were about 10,000 of them) and feeling blah in about 10 different ways AND windy/rainy weather conditions after a week of perfect 70’s… I’m thinking that this race will not be my finest hour. 

5) On that note…I was icing my calves this morning, and apparently my Capri pants weren’t quite long enough to completely cover my skin, and now I have a big, red ice-pack burn.  It isn’t too bad (no blisters or anything), but it looks really ugly and kind of feels like a minor sunburn.  This is not a running injury I anticipated getting.  Ice Pack Fail.

6) My mom is making Giuseppe a kilt.  Giuseppe IS Scottish, and I totally understand that Scotland is an entirely different country than Ireland, but I feel like this is his holiday anyway and I need to help him celebrate accordingly.  Kilts are also pretty Scottish (though I guess people in Ireland do wear them according to Wikipedia), but I’m hoping people will think he’s so cute in his little kilt that they won’t judge me too much for mixing stuff up. 

7) I LOVE corned beef.  The color is pretty disgusting, and I think it is probably not something that people should eat if they want to avoid clogged arteries.  But oh my goodness does it taste good!

Ok.  Brain is done musing.  I hope that you have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day (well, first, I hope Saint Mary’s wins their game tonight against Purdue)!  And GOOD LUCK if you are running a race this weekend (hopefully your race organizers were nice and scheduled it for Saturday).  I look forward to lots of green race pictures in days to come!

May the sun shine, all day long,
everything go right, and nothing wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you,
and may all the wishes you wish come true!

-Irish Proverb

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