God is a Gael (And Bring On March Madness)

Just wanted to do a quick jump for joy in honor of my alma mater (JUMP!).

I went to a tiny Catholic college (3,000 undergraduates) in the San Francisco Bay Area called Saint Mary’s College of California.

Last night, in a rather stressful game that went into overtime, we beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs (aka sworn mortal enemies) to clinch the West Coast Conference Tournament (and regular season) Championship!

{Wow…these kids look young…}

Hello, NCAA Tournament!! Let the March Madness begin!

And I’m absolutely wearing my Saint Mary’s shirt to work (I bought this when I was 21 back when short t-shirts were cool…it doesn’t quite fit as well as it did back then…)

{You can’t judge me more than I am judging myself for taking a mirror self-portrait. At least I’m not doing duck face? Also, had to flip the image so the words didn’t read backwards!}

Meanwhile, Aaron’s New Mexico Lobos and the rest of the Mountain West Conference will face off in their tournament starting on Thursday.  Regardless of the outcome, New Mexico is expected to get selected into the Top 64.  I’m just hoping for both our sakes that Saint Mary’s and New Mexico aren’t put up against each other.  Our marriage hasn’t ever been tested to that extent.  We may have to watch the game in separate buildings (though current bracketology doesn’t have this scenario playing out).


{This phrase was bestowed upon us many, many years ago.  We didn’t choose it, but I think it fits quite nicely!}

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