Sweetheart Run 5-K

My Bucket List goal was to run a race every month. 

Because my wallet cannot afford monthly Rock n Roll races (and I’m not yet crazy enough to run 12 half marathons a year), I knew most of these races would have to be local, shorter in distance and much smaller.

February’s race was the Sweetheart Run 5-K. Because this was a “Sweetheart” run, you had the option of competing as a couple.  We signed up as “Team Lavender.” Creative, I know.

I had a Valentine’s race outfit all planned out.   I bought a cute Valentine’s short sleeve at Target, and I had crazy socks.  It had been so warm, so shorts and a short sleeve shirt didn’t seem impractical.

But then we woke up yesterday morning to find the temperature at about 20 degrees (windchill factor 7).  My hopes of pink glory were crushed and replaced with all my winter running gear. 

The race itself was great considering how small it was (235 5-k finishers). It was well-organized, the course was pretty easy (but not very scenic) and they had breakfast items afterwards.   And they had a Kids-K which was completely adorable (we only felt a little weird talking pictures of other people’s children).

The more I run half marathons, the less I’m liking 5-k distances.  It is nice to be done after 25 minutes and not be sore the next day, but you are having to run much faster, and I’m not very fast.  Plus, you don’t have time to make up for any little hiccups because every second counts. 

We haven’t been training this last month and most of our runs have been “recovery runs” even though we have nothing to recover from. For the race, I had no juice, I couldn’t breathe, and I never felt like I warmed up. 

I finished almost 2 minutes slower than my last 5-K time: 22:53. I finished 33rd overall (Aaron finished 12), and I was the 7th female to cross the line.

I got 3rd place in my age group so I got a medal! (yay!).  Aaron came in 4th for his age group, JUST barely missing a medal. I have been wanting to place SO bad, and I’m pretty stoked that it finally happened! (even though I wish it was with a time I was more proud of).

{If you look at the results, both people in the team that placed 4th actually finished before me.  Good thing I have Aaron to help make up for my slowness!…And incidentally we knew both couples who beat us!}

AND we got 3rd place in the couples division, so we walked away with more medals and a super fancy Nambe crystal vase (retailing at $150) which is pretty amazing race swag!   Winning the vase alone was way worth doing the race!

So, we didn’t have a great race (neither of us came anywhere close to our PR times), but we ended up placing anyway! Sometimes the joy of winning (especially fancy vases) trumps personal accomplishment!

I think I’m going to really like doing these little local races!

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