Snap, Crackle, Pop (or, weird Jedi Chiropractor magic)

So, even though I have missed the bandwagon by quite a bit, and nobody cares anymore (except the people in New York who are throwing a crazy parade right now),  I must acknowledge our excitement over the Super Bowl!  I haven’t chosen an NFL team to cheer for yet, but cheering for winners makes things a little easier, and it looks like the Giants are pretty much the winners this go around.  And Eli Manning is my husband. And my non-Eli Manning husband is a die-hard Giants fan. So, I cheered for the Giants loud and proud. Go Giants!

And, Go Beckham! (and thanks H&M for throwing in some man candy in between all the Audriana Lima and GoDaddy).


And, even though it is gawdawful, I can’t stop listening to this song. (MIA flips off the camera in the video too in case you were wondering).

(oops…looks like all of the Give Me All Your Luvin” youtube videos have been flagged…but imagine Madonna, Nicki, and MIA singing here).

Ok. No more Super Bowl talk!

In other news, I overcame some major fears and went to a Chiropractor.

About a week and a half before RnR Arizona, my sciatic nerve starting really hurting.  I did all of the usual things like soaking in warm water, getting a massage, stretching, and not finishing out my half marathon training.  It got better long enough for me to finish the race strong.  Of course running 13.1 miles made it hurt again and I started the whole process over.  Everything was fine until a 4 mile run last week.

When I first mentioned my sciatic issues, a friend recommended seeing a chiropractor.  I honestly NEVER would have even thought to do that on my own because I view chiropractors as scary spine snapping quack “doctor” people who deal with back problems and generally cause more harm than good. I had nightmares about a wrong move that resulted in me being paralyzed.

But when I woke up last week after a night of throbbing nerve pain, I decided to make an appointment.  Luckily another friend who is quite experienced in the world of visiting chiropractors was able to recommend someone.  Poor guy also had to answer my questions and talk me through my freak out session and convince me that I wasn’t going to die.

I have now gone in for adjustment twice with one last follow-up adjustment on Thursday (apparently it takes a few tries before your body gets the hint)  I found out that my right hip was almost an inch off from where it was supposed to be (Aaron went with me and verified that this was the case).  I’m really little, so that almost inch is a significant percentage of my overall height! Lord knows how long I’ve been walking around lopsided.

The process is so not what I was expecting.  Mostly, it feels like he is using some Jedi force to guide my bones into place.  There is a little bit of popping involved, but I was surprised that it didn’t feel like anything was happening at all. After 2 adjustments, the tenderness and pain is all but gone.  Chiropractor Tom has used his weird magic powers to eliminate my sciatic issues and make me an unlopsided person again.

With the amount of torture I’m going to be putting my body through in the upcoming months, I want to make sure that something like uneven hips doesn’t cause problems down the road.  So, thanks friends who made the suggestions and talked me through my craziness, and thanks Dr. Obi Tom.  Amazing how a little Jedi force can make a huge difference!

2 thoughts on “Snap, Crackle, Pop (or, weird Jedi Chiropractor magic)

  1. YAY!! So glad to hear you went to the chiropractor, liked it, and are already feeling results. Keep it up…it definitely will make your marathon training AND race so much better. I actually am going tonight! Can’t wait. 🙂

    Oh, and yum to Beckham from me, too. 🙂

    • I’m completely amazed at what a difference it makes. My husband (who was probably more insistant than me on never going to one) was so impressed, that he’s going in tomorrow.

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