26.2 or Bust

Just a little bit ago, I registered Aaron and myself for….


This will be my first ever marathon, and I am way more excited than any rational person should be to earn my 26.2 bumper sticker!

It will also be Aaron’s first marathon…sort of.  He’s technically run three 26.2 distance races… but they were part of Ironman Triathlons.  He’s never done just a regular, old, boring marathon.

Registration opened up at noon CST and the race is notorious for filing up within a few weeks of opening.  Unlike other popular races like the New York Marathon and the Nike Women’s Marathon that have a lottery process, or The Boston Marathon that has really competitive qualifying times, the Chicago Marathon is open on a first come first serve basis.  We didn’t want to take any chances so I was ready to go at as the clock changed! (Years of being a loyal Southwest Airlines customer has made me very good at this).

I’ve also already made our hotel reservations.  According to the facebook page, there are other big events going on that same weekend and the last thing I want is for Aaron and me to be sleeping on the streets of Chicago before the race.

We also qualify for “seeded” corrals which is the most exciting news of my week.  Basically, you can qualify for corrals A-D based on recent marathon or half marathon times (Aaron qualifies for B, I qualify for C, Olympic Gold Medalists qualify for A).  The people who don’t qualify for A-D are bunched into the general populus to start.  After running a few races, I really value the importance of good corral placement! This race is so huge, so not having to fight my through 40,000 other people sounds pretty nice.

So, starting sometime in May we’ll probably get going on a “base” reload followed by marathon training.  I’m ready to make this jump AND help cross off THREE items from my bucket list (run a marathon, visit a new state, and compete in a race every month).

In addition to having a good finishing time, my other goal for this marathon is to NOT give birth immediately after. This is an important one. Though, after shelling out the entry fee, I don’t judge her for wanting to go through with it.  No refunds or transfers, even if you are 9 months pregnant.

12 thoughts on “26.2 or Bust

    • Thank you! I’ve never been to Chicago aside from layovers, so I’m excited to explore the city.

      It does look like a scary amount of people. That is why I’m really glad to get into a corral. Hopefully most of those people will be behind me!

  1. Excellent! You’re going to love it – the Chicago Marathon is an excellent race to pick as your first venture into the 26.2-mile distance. I ran it three years in a row (2009 – 2011) and loved it every single time.

    This blogger also just signed up and it’s her first marathon: http://bessbefit.com/

    Good luck with training!

    • Glad to hear that you’ve had a good experience with it. I’ve only seen one negative comment about it so far, so I have high hopes!

      And thanks for the recommendation. I will check out her blog!

  2. EEEEK! SO excited for you!!! Enjoy your first marathon, as you will never have another first (the only sad thing about it). (This is missjulieg again signed in under Run Revolution, which HOPEFULLY will be launched soon and help with your marathon training!). 🙂

    I have heard good things about Chicago and will run it someday. It’s Boston for me, however, in 10 1/2 weeks!!

    • I can understand passing up Chicago for Boston! I’ve only seen one negative comment about it so far, so it should be a good race. I will definitely be looking to you for inspiration! I can only imagine how neurotic I’ll be toward the end!

  3. So excited for both of us! Oh and Aaron will just cruise through the old, regular, boring marathon! What, no swimming or biking? piece of cake! haha 🙂 I also made my hotel reservations today so all that is left is finding a flight eventually!

  4. Chicago KNOWS the marathon so you’ll be in good hands. The seeded start will be a huge plus for you as you won’t have to duck in and out of the herds of traffic. Hopefully the weather will be as good as last year, but even if not, the million + spectators will surely get you pumped up for a good, long run!

  5. I’ve only heard good things about Chicago…except for the weather! I’m terrified that my first marathon will be cut short because of insane temperatures and I won’t get to finish! But I guess that’s only happened once, so the odds are in my favor! I am very excited though.

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