Road Trip Through the Painted Desert

The End of a Journey

I had the rest of this post written out last night, but how much can change in a few hours! Etta James’ death was unfortunately not the first one I heard about today.  Etta passed away his morning at the age of 73 after battling several health problems.  Even though it sounds like she was kind of the Lindsey Lohan of her day, I believe that At Last is one of the most beautifully sung and most  iconic American standards ever recorded.  That one song alone kept Etta relevant across generations, and based on my facebook feed, her death has affected many people.  So, before anything else, RIP Etta James, and thank you for your contribution to American Music.



The trip from Albuquerque to Phoenix is 6 hours. It is a relatively short distance, but the terrain is so varied along the way.   

To pass the time during the trip, I pulled out the Canon and started snapping away. I still don’t really know how to use my camera, but I did learn that the little runner dude icon is “sports mode” which means I can capture stuff moving fast without it being blurry.  This came in handy when trying to take pictures at 75 mph.  Meanwhile, Aaron was embarrassed about how dirty the windows were. 

I prefer an ocean sunset, but I would be lying if I said that New Mexico sunsets aren’t some of the most amazing.  I only wish I was a good enough photographer to capture them with any sense of justice.

So, here is rural New Mexico and Arizona: desert, mountains, forest, cliffs, Route 66 towns, roadside attractions, Navajo Reservations, and open road.

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