A Mental Workout

Aron Ralston sawed off his own arm with a dull pocket knife after drinking his own pee for “127 Hours.”

THEN homeboy scaled a 65 foot wall to get out of the cave and deliriously hiked for 8 miles with his self-amputed arm before running into somebody who could help him (Lord knows how long he had to wait to actually be rescued after that). 

If he could do all that, then surely I can run through 13.1 miles of muscle tightening, side stitches, stomach discomfort, and blistered feet after not training into it. 


(Since I haven’t done the adequate physical training to run a 1:40 half, I’ve been doing a lot of mental training for it!).


I always have travelling anxiety.

I want the house to be cleaner than it is when we live in it.  I want all the laundry to be done.  I need to know if I die on this trip, people will come into my house and not judge me for being untidy and having dishes in the sink.

And I want to be sure I pack for every possible situation. Nevermind that most of the places we go have at least a Target (most likely laid out exactly like mine) and a mall.  But I’m always afraid of being in some foreign city (or you know, Phoenix) and being unprepared.

Plus, it’s not like I can go and buy another Garmin just because I forgot mine.  And what if my socks disintegrate while I’m putting them on at 5 am.  I need back-up.


My nerve/muscle issue has been feeling better.  I’ve been nursing the area like crazy.  I can still tell that something is not quite right with it, but I don’t have the constant pain that I was having a few days ago.  I opted not to do any procedures I haven’t done before like acupuncture or going to a chiropractor before the race out of fear that my body would have a freak out session, but next week I’m going to make a commitment to taking care of my poor body.  We’ve been training for various half marathons since August, and even though we’ve incorporated yoga and weight training into our plan, I think our bodies need some adjustment. 

So, it is time to head to the gloriously warm land of sunshine.  Hopefully everything goes well, and hopefully I can buy myself a present for not having a complete failure of a race (thoughts of a Scottsdale shopping spree are definitely part of the mental workout). 

Thanks for all of the encouragement and well wishes! I hope to have good things (or at least not really bad things) to report next week!

9 thoughts on “A Mental Workout

    • I had to leave the room for the amputation scene. I think what makes that movie harder to watch is knowing that it actually happened! He actually had to do all that stuff!

    • Thank you! I’m working on the recap right now, but let’s just say I did much better than I antcipated! (and thanks for the encouragement on your blog!)

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