The 2012 Bucket List

I’ve heard so many people say they don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because they never keep them.  I always make them(look like a supermodel, become Martha Stewart, etc.), but very rarely do I actually accomplish what I set out to do.

So I was inspired when I stumbled upon Lesley Carter’s Blog Indulge Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences and her 2012 “Bucket List.”  Of course she does way cool stuff like swim with dolphins and sky dive and her 2011  adventures are way more than I will probably do in a lifetime, but I loved her idea of creating a bucket list. By definition, you can’t fail at a bucket list like you can fail as resolutions.  Plus, it doesn’t have to be realistic or in any way attainable. I think this is a much more positive way to enter into the new year, so I decided to create my own.


Amy’s 2012 Bucket List of Adventures (and Other Stuff)

1) Get Passport stamp #4 (Ideally, either a tropical beach vacation or Paris at Christmastime, but heck I’ll take Mexico)

2) Pay off credit card debt (I got so close this year, but then we went to San Francisco.  I’m really not in very much debt at all, but I’d rather spend interest payments on something else).

3) Ride in a hot air balloon (You would think since I live in the Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World that I would have already done this).

4) Run a full marathon (planning on The Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October).

5) Run a race every month.

6) Compete in a triathlon (this will be tricky since I don’t know how to swim and I haven’t been on a bike aside from a tandem in 15 years).

7) Learn to swim.

8) Read my way through Newsweek’s Top 100 Books of all time (the list and my progress is here on my new sub page).

9) Go on a White Water Rafting expedition (I’ve been rafting once, but I would like to do one of those weekend excursions)

10) Start dressing my age (I should probably retire the flip flip/hoodie/jeans/ponytail outfit sometime soon and accept that American Eagle isn’t marketing to my demographic).

11) Visit a new state.

12) Send a birthday card in the mail to people on their birthdays.

13) Learn how to use my camera and take awe-inspiring photos.

14) Relearn French (once upon a time I spoke well enough to not have to take it in college).

15) Go horseback riding on the beach.

16) Write a novel.

17) Buy a new car (hopefully BEFORE the Taurus self-destructs ).

18) Do a massive house cleaning and reorganization.

19) Take the GRE.

20) Go to a live music festival (Coachella? Blues and Brews? Austin City Lights?).

21) Choose an NFL Team to cheer for and learn everything about them (then go to one of their games).

22) Win something (anything) in a radio contest.

23) Invest in a piece of artwork from a stuffy gallery in Santa Fe.

24) Finish a Tough Mudder (pretty much the most insane looking physical contest…you have to navigate yourself though all sorts of military obstacles and things that can electrocute you)

25) Figure out what in the world I’m doing with my life and take steps to get there.

I wish you much love and happiness in 2012.  Whether you have resolutions, bucket list items, or nothing at all, I hope the upcoming year is everything you hope for!

13 thoughts on “The 2012 Bucket List

  1. #1 – do it!
    #6 – I have done a team tri but doing a sprint evaded me because of the eek swim!
    #9 – can I come?
    #10 – you ALWAYS look great!!!!! Look great, sexy and don’t think you have ever looked age inappropriate!
    #12 – cool
    #14 – same goal but Italian
    #16 – I’ll give it a read
    #17 – have you seen my trailblazer????
    #18 – ugh
    #21 – T suggests The Chiefs lol
    #23 – u mmm stuffy art gallery in Santa fe ????? Remember the access T has to fine art…..
    #24 – yay me too!!!!

    And a Very Happy New Year to you and Evil!!! 😉

    • Yay Tough Mudder! I guess I figured now that the gallery was closing that he wouldn’t be doing as much art dealing. We will definitely go to him for all of our art needs!

      Rafting trip for all!

      Happy New Year’s to you and T!

  2. I absolutely love the idea of creating a bucket list for the year, I may have to make my own!

    My recommendation for number 21: Don’t pick the Buffalo Bills. I have been a life long fan and it is one season after another of heartbreak!

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