Training Tuesday: Back in the Saddle

I must have been sniffing highlighters or something.

Right after finishing the U.S. Half in San Francisco, high off of two half marathons in a row, and wanting desperately to redeem myself and hit my goal finish time of 1:40, I convinced Aaron to sign up for our next half marathon, scheduled for mid-January.  Nevermind that my legs needed some serious recovery time, nevermind that the time change means darkness happens at 4:30 p.m., nevermind that the seasons change and winter is cold, and nevermind that the month of December is jam packed with Christmas goodness and free time is non-existent.  I wanted to do my next half marathon NOW.

Rock and Roll Arizona is less than 6 weeks away.  In the month since the U.S. Half, I haven’t done any speed training.  We finally did a “long” run on Sunday (my first since taper week over a month ago), maxing out at 6.3 miles (in the snow).  And with all of the candy and baked goods that are popping up everywhere in front of me all the time, I’m definitely not cutting weight like I wanted to (for every pound you lose, you shave off 2 seconds per mile).  Basically, in no way am I where I need to be 6 weeks out from a 5 minute PR time.

To make matters worse, this week has been downright freezing/snowy/icy/windy.  Running when the temperature is 5 degrees or in 70 mph wind gusts just doesn’t sound safe.  We are very lucky to have a treadmill, but it just isn’t the same, and only 1 person can be on it at a time.  Going to the gym means having to look somewhat presentable and having to interact with people while sweat drips in your eyes.  And all I really want to do is drink mulled wine while watching Hallmark Channel Christmas movies in my sweat pants/shirt and slippers.

Aaron feet

The running gods must have thought it was time for an intervention.  I found this article floating around twitter this morning.  It lists the top 5 reason to be running outside right now.  With hopes that we’ll return to normal Albuquerque December temperatures (or anything above 25 degrees) in the next couple of days, here are some little motivators for me to put the spiked soy egg nog down, pile on every piece of winterized running gear I own, and get outside and work towards not having an epic failure of a half marathon come January: (from

1) You don’t get hot (Well, obviously.  You do however get very very cold).

2) Running outside prepares you for races (I’m hoping Arizona will be nice and warm).

3) It builds mental and physical toughness. (No more wheeniness).

4) Curbs winter blues (fresh air and sunshine are natural mood enhancers).

5) Keeps off the winter bulge (and I need all the help there I can get).

Yeah…still not very motivated.  We did go to hot yoga tonight which is a whole different kind of miserable, but I have a feeling that the next 6 weeks of half hazard training are going to be pretty interesting.

4 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Back in the Saddle

  1. We sound very similar in terms of goal times, races we want to run, and dedication (craziness??). I am envious you are running Arizona’s R&R. I can’t wait to read about your success. Good luck!

  2. I love your blog! I can totally relate because ever since winter set in here in Wisconsin, I’ve been resorting to the treadmill. Definitely not as enjoyable! I feel like I have nothing to keep my mind occupied! Also, very cool that you’re running another half marathon. I’m trying to train for my first, but with the holidays I’m struggling to find the motivation!

    • I’m sure your winters are much worse than ours if you are in Wisconson! And I agree. I am having the hardest time being motivated. Good luck in your training! I’m sure you will do great!

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