What I’m Loving Wednesday October 26

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for a weekly dose of Wednesday Love…even though Wednesday is really almost over and I should most likely be sleeping right now.

This is what I’m loving as I listen to the sounds of rain outside, drinking my pumpkin beer on this Wednesday evening:

1) Thriller (the Michael Jackson song): One of the best Halloween tunes ever.  Actually, just one of the best tunes ever.  Last year I learned the moves!

Zombie walk!

2) Christmas in the air: All of the sudden, Christmas is everywhere! In the stores, on commercials, on movie previews. This makes me very happy even if the cold temperatures do not.

3) The feeling of finishing my first half marathon: I know everyone is probably tired of hearing me talk about this, but I can’t get over it. I’m a half frantic!

Sorry, sport photos. I promise I'll purchase something!

4) Will and Grace: Reruns are on every morning on Lifetime as I’m getting ready for work (don’t judge).  This is such a clever, well written, and well acted show.  I laugh hysterically while Giuseppe looks at me like I’m crazy.

5) My new “Races” sub page: Since I’ve done a few races now (almost all in the last 6 months), and I seem intent on doing as many as I can in the future, I’ve started a list to keep track of it all.

Happy Wednesday! And remember to vote for Giuseppe please! We appreciate your support in getting Giuseppe to the top spot!

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