Training Tuesday Week 11 and a First Half Marathon

On Sunday, after running 13.1 miles and for a little more than 1 hour and 45 minutes, I sprinted across the Duke City Half Marathon Finish Line!

I ran without music, without any gels, and without a timing device.  I didn’t really get bored and I didn’t ever feel like I was going to die.  I was amazed at how easily my body took on the challenge and went with it.

The race itself was fairly well organized.  Parts of the trail were pretty narrow, the styrofoam cups at the water stations burst at the bottom when you squeezed them, and the 5K walkers seemed to be finishing about the same time, so both Aaron and I got stuck behind some slow people at the very end, but the experience was mostly all good. The course was beautfiul, there were plenty of water/aid stations, milage was clearly marked as was the course, other runners were polite, the volunteers were doing their jobs, and the crowd was encouraging. 

Aaron, trying to finish despite the walker people

Except for the results.

I know it happens every race.  Someone who crossed the finish line doesn’t end up on the results page. I’ve always assumed it was through some fault of their own.  For this race I was that person (and according to the DCM facebook page, there were at least 5 others).

I came off the race, feeling great and wanting to know my time.  I didn’t have a timing device, they weren’t calling out times on the course, and I didn’t see the time when I crossed the finish line, so I literally had no clue how fast I was going.  Plus, I WAS SUPER EXCITED TO KNOW HOW I DID!

It was a little discouraging not to see my name come up on the computer at the event after all the anticipation.  It was downright devastating to not find my name when the results were posted online.  I was frustrated that after working 10 weeks to get to the point where I could run a pretty decent half marathon, it might not even count.

Finally this morning (more than 48 hours after finishing and more than 36 hours after they were initially posted) the results were updated online, and my name magically appeared! As much as I want to not get all whiny and complain about something not all that important in the grand scheme of things, the results of a race, especially a Boston qualifying one, are pretty important. In fact, they are pretty much the whole point for most people! Not knowing if mine existed was kind of scary.


I ran the course in 1 hour, 45 minutes, and 38 seconds! In August I made a goal for myself of 1 hour and 45 minutes for a race at sea level, and I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. BUT I DID IT!  And it felt great! 1,196 people ran the race, and I beat 1011 of them!

Aaron did amazing as usual.  He finished in 1 hour, 30 minutes and 26 seconds, putting him in the top three in his age group (he gets a medal!), and the top 40 overall!

And seriously, this means if my poor couch potato butt that thought 3 miles was a “long” run less than a year ago can do this, I really think anyone can.

It also means that I will have to lower my goal time for the next half marathon coming up in 2 weeks since I met my goal with Duke City. The race directors just altered the course due to construction and we now have to endure a pretty substantial hill at mile 7 and a really narrow course for 2 miles, but I’m feeling ambitious and now that I know I can push myself a little harder, I want to aim for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  We’ll see if I can pull off a 6 minute reduction despite the course changes.  I’m kind of wishing I had more time to train.

Post race (my parents brought me flowers!)S

Since it is the last two weeks before our “REAL”‘ race, we are tapering.


Saturday: We rested, but should be a 5 mile run

Sunday: Half marathon race! (should be a 1 hour, 55 minute run)

Monday: Easy 3 miles, strength training

Tuesday: Hill Intervals: 1.5 mile warm-up, 6 sets of alternating hill sprints (half mile) and recovery, 1.5 mile cool down

Wednesday: Easy 3 miles, strength training

Thursday: Tempo Run: 10 minute warm-up, 20 minutes at half marathon pace, 10 minute cool down

Friday: Rest Day

Also, Giuseppe made it to the final round of Pet-a-Palooza! After this week, I won’t ever beg for votes again (until next year!)….We would appreciate if you would please vote for him HERE.  Thank you!

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