What I’m Loving Wednesday, October 12

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I’m Loving Wednesday…even though apparently I’m running pretty low on love today (I’ll blame it on BlackBerry issues and not enough coffee).


1. Fiat:  Fiat is making its US debut (hence the JLo commercial).  I don’t really want a new one, but I would love to motor around town in a vintage model. 


2. Christmas Commercials: Oct. 9th shall go down at the first day that I saw a Christmas commercial this holiday season! Avon, you make my Christmas dreams come true!


3.  Warm Weather:  I was a little nervous this past weekend when we woke up to snow, so I unpacked my sweaters. But it was a false alarm! We’re still holding strong at almost 80 degrees this week.


4. McCalls Pumpkin Patch:  located on the other side of the mountain, McCall’s Farm is a wonderland of Autumn goodness.  I hope to wipe out half my “Fall Bucket List” with a visit there this weekend

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