Sometimes, Balloons and Snow Sabotage Our Morning Run

It seems that Albuquerque decided to skip right over fall and go straight into Winter on Friday night (though it has returned back to normal). 

Aaron and I woke up and got out the door on Saturday morning for our 4 mile jog, and we were quite surprised to see snowy mountains.  New Mexico has some nutty weather, but a snow storm on the second weekend of October is a little unusual.

If that wasn’t crazy enough… This weekend was the last for this year’s Balloon Fiesta.  Typically, the balloons follow a wind pattern called “the box” which takes them in a giant loop around the Balloon Fiesta park. 

It looks like the box wasn’t quite boxing it up on Saturday morning, because the balloons were all hovering right above our neighborhood (which isn’t really anywhere near the park)!  While this probably caused some problems for the balloonists, we were thrilled! Aaron grabbed the camera, and we started off our run/picture-taking extravaganza. 

View from our front yard!

As we were running and snapping pictures, we noticed the balloons were heading toward the golf course down the street, so we started chasing them.  What else could we do?

See? I'm chasing!

It looks like half the city had the same idea.  When we got to the golf course, there were hundreds of people there to watch the balloons land.  The golfers looked a little bit (actually a lot bit) annoyed.  Some continued to hit balls even though very excited little kids (and large balloons) were standing right there. 

I usually don’t put on make-up or do anything to make myself presentable before a morning run.  I kind of wish I had on Saturday.  Not only was Aaron going picture crazy, but a nice lady asked if we wanted our picture taken.  I apologized to her for looking so yucky.  We were drawing lots of attention because we were running and picture taking at the same time. 

We're so cute and put together!

We did get our 4 miles in, but it was a very distracted (and cold) run.  And of course completely beautiful. I made my peace with fall (pre-winter?) on Saturday morning.

Also, FYI, Giuseppe is running for cutest pet in the Pet-a-Palooza contest.  You can vote for him once per day until Friday for the first round HERE.  Giuseppe thanks you!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes, Balloons and Snow Sabotage Our Morning Run

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  2. Thanks! We were a little worried about how the pictures would turn out because they were more “action” shots, but Aaron managed to get some good ones while running.

    And our runs are typically very boring. This was a welcome distraction!

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