Balloons in the Sky


Tomorrow is the start of the second (and final) weekend of the 40th Balloon Fiesta.  I guess all good things must come to an end.

Despite perfect conditions last weekend, overall, the weather has been less than cooperative this year with unusual rain storms and high winds.  Today is the 2nd day in a row of event cancellations. 

Luckily, Aaron and I got out to the field last Sunday to experience firsthand the thrill of being surrounded by massive, vibrantly colorful hot air balloons (and sleepy people).  Last weekend had record-breaking crowds (and record-breaking balloon take-offs), so we were not the only Crazies up at the crack of dawn to look at balloons.

Pictures obviously speak so much louder than words.










2 thoughts on “Balloons in the Sky

  1. Love the balloon pics. St. Louis had its Balloon Festival a couple of weeks ago and I took the kids for the first time.

    Stopping by from WILW
    april@Party of Five

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