What I’m Loving Wednesday, October 5

Here’s what I’m Loving this week with Jamie at This Kind of Love.

1. Ray Ban Wayfarers: So retro, so cool.  I bought myself a pair this weekend and I am in love.

2. Prime Time Television: I hardly watched television at all last year.  It seems to me like there are more “Amy” type shows on this year.  I’m loving The New Girl (so charmingly nerdy), Pan Am, Glee, and Boardwalk Empire. 

3. Aaron’s Clients: Aaron helps people get fit and skinny.  Naturally they give him tasty treats as presents.  This cinnamon roll was downright heavenly.

4. Pumpkins (everywhere): During fall I buy little pumpkins every time we go to the grocery store.  By the time Christmas comes around, we have quite the little pumpkin collection.

5. The Thought of Boots: I’m really short, so wearing boots over my jeans makes me look downright munchkin.  But, I like to pretend that I could pull this look off (I so can’t).

6. Momentarily Feeling like I am back in the Bay Area: Yesterday, it rained for about 20 hours straight which never happens in the desert.  Everything felt so fresh and clean. Strangely, it felt like home, even though the Bay Area was only “home” for four years.

7. Steve Jobs: I’m more of a “PC” but Apple, led for decades by Steve Jobs, is a company that diversified their innovative product offerings enough to ensure that just about every household had something “i” related.  Steve Jobs was obviously a rare creative visionary and business genius who influenced the modern way of life in many positive ways.  The world has one less bright, shining star tonight.  May he rest in peace.

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