Training Tuesday Week 7 and Running Emo

I saw this picture on pinterest, and decided it was probably written about me!

We’re more than half way through our training program and I’m starting to feel a little blah about it.  We’re putting in over 30 miles per week of running, which is a lot of hours spent doing the same repetitive motion over and over…and over.  And while I am SO FREAKING EXCITED over the progress I’m making and the speed that I’ve been able to reach (you have no idea how excited I am), I still don’t feel like a superstar while running.  I keep hearing about this “runner’s high” but I have yet to experience it.  The last time I felt super energized and excited about a run was over a year ago, and that has happened exactly once.  

For the most part my hips hurt, I feel thristy, I have sweat dripping in my eyes, and all I can think about is how much I want it to be over.  Music helps a little bit, and sometimes I can trick myself by repeating “this feels GREAT!” over and over in my head, but soon my body realizes that my brain has been lying to it, and punishes accordingly.   I will say that I feel great after reaching a milestone for the first time, but that usually comes AFTER the run, not during.

This weekend I also got to experience chaffing for the first time.  My cotton shirt rubbed so much against my collar bone, that it actually rubbed the skin raw.  Lesson learned…don’t wear cotton when running 10.5 miles.

Basically, I’m spending a  chunk of my life doing something that feels downright miserable at times.  Right now I think my main motiviation is having race times worth bragging about.  I’m hoping that someday I’ll reach some magical level where I feel like running is liberating and exhilerating, but right now I’m just ready to not feel like I’m a gross and sweaty looking disaster when hitting the pavement.


Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: 1 hour and 35 minute run (we got in 10.5 miles)

Monday: easy 3 mile run, strength training

Tuesday: Speed intervals:  2 half mile sets at racing pace with a quarter mile recovery jog in between each half mile;  4 quarter mile sets at racing pace with a quarter mile recovery jog in between each; 6 1/8 mile sets at racing pace (half way around the track) with 1/8 mile recovery jog in between each….NOT looking forward to this workout

Wednesday: Easy 3 mile run, strength training

Thursday: Tempo Run: 10 minute warm-up, 25 minutes at a 10-k pace, 10 minutes cool-down

Friday: Rest Day


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