How My Autumn Should Play Out

I am constantly disappointed that my life isn’t more like a movie. 

For example, I want my Autumn to look like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks’ Autumn in You’ve Got Mail.  Chances are this will be another disappointment because I don’t live in New York or own my own charming little children’s book store with the world’s quirkiest coworkers.  And Tom Hanks doesn’t love me.

However, I figure if I plan enough in advance, I can get my Fall to be almost as cool.   We’ve already gotten a good start by grape harvesting and going to Oktoberfest, and we have some big plans including a trip to San Francisco and the much anticipated half marathon.  I think if I get to do the following I can have a Fall worthy of a Pottery Barn picture if not a major motion picture.  I’m hoping to have a better showing than the 58% that got done off my Summer list.  (Also linking up with Neely and Amber at A Complete Waste of Make-Up for their Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge).

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