What I’m Loving Wednesday: Denver Edition

This weekend Aaron and I made our way up to Denver  (story coming soon about the crazy adventure we had trying to get there). 

I love Denver.  If an opportunity presented itself, we would move there in a second.  It combines things we like about Albuquerque (outdoor/active lifestyle, mountains) with a bigger city atmosphere, better shopping, better dining, and less crime.  I think the winters might be pretty brutal, but at least they get rain!

I’m linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love  for What I’m Loving Wednesday: Denver Edition!

1. The Curtis Hotel: This is a boutique concept hotel at its finest.  Each floor has a different theme and everything is quirky and fun.  It is also one of the cheaper hotels in the downtown Denver area, and is close to all the action.  They are dog friendly which means we can bring Giuseppe on our next visit!

2. Coors Field: I don’t like baseball.  I think it is boring and repetitive.  But when I am seated 27 rows up from just left of home plate at a professional stadium, I can deal with it.  We went to a Rookies vs. Giants game.  As a girl who left her heart in San Francisco, I claim the Giants as my adopted team when I have to discuss such things.  Just don’t tell my Yankee loving husband.

3. Oktoberfest: This was one of the main reasons we went to Denver.  Apparently Denver has one of the top 10 Oktoberfests outside of Germany.  We got to eat brats and pretzels, drink beer, watch some German dancing, and watch people as they tried to hoist steins! Pretty much my idea of a fantastic afternoon.

4. Microbreweries:  We made it to two of the three big Denver microbreweries.  Wynkoop has good beer and a charming, turn of the century atmosphere.  Rock Bottom had great beer (we didn’t try the IPA’s, but everything else was great), and the restaurant is huge so you are bound to find a seat. 

5. Broncos Game:  Unless we are talking college basketball or World Cup Soccer, I don’t really care about sports, but I do enjoy football ten million times more than baseball.  We got to borrow some box seats for the Broncos/Bengals game, so our bathrooms were cleaner and the beer lines were shorter.  The game itself was super exciting, and we weren’t sure who was going to win until the last 30 seconds.  Also, Broncos fans are much more loyal/rowdy than Rockies fans…it felt like a real sporting event!

6. Shannon Sharpe: I’ve kind of heard of Shannon Sharpe, but I was excited to see him get his Hall of Fame ring at the Broncos game.  And I was even more excited to see John Elway on the field! I know who he is!

7. Turn of the Century Charm: A lot of the downtown architecture/design is turn of the Century, and absolutely amazing.  I LOVE old brick buildings, tin ceilings, stained glass, and old remnents of what used to be.  Albuquerque chose to tear a lot of historic buildings down.  Denver incorporated them into the urban renewal.  

8. Denver Quirkiness: This town has a sense of humor.  From pig snorting noises coming up from the sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve, pianos along 16th street, and “Wellness Centers” (where you can get your medical marijuana), Downtown Denver has plenty to marvel at!

Just 2 more days until the weekend!

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