Training Tuesday Week 5 (on a Wednesday) and a Ten Mile Run


Yikes.  2nd Week in a Row that I’ve had to post about Training Tuesdays on  Wednesday.  I will use the excuse that yesterday was my birthday, so I wasn’t doing as much training as I was eating cupcakes.  If I had been doing less cupcake eating yesterday, this is what I was planning to write….(let’s just pretend this was posted yesterday).

I think I should be thrown a party!

Not just because today is my birthday, but because I did something on Saturday morning that I never had too much interest in actually doing (and  I’ve often pitied the people who did).  I RAN 10 MILES!

When I signed up to do a half marathon, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I would, at some point, have to run 13. miles, but I didn’t REALLY accept it.  But then on Saturday in an hour and a half long process, I ran 10 miles (more than half of which was slowly climbing up the mountain).  I don’t even care that to seasoned distance and endurance runners, 10 miles is less than half of a marathon.  I don’t even care that eventually I will be running 3.1 more miles.  10  miles seems like such a huge deal, and I’m not even afraid to brag about it (if you couldn’t tell)! I mean, I could run to other towns if I had to! And I didn’t even feel completely worn out or like death afterwards!

Naturally, after that run, I indulged in the world’s biggest green chile breakfast burritos and some breakfast beer (I think running 10 miles warrents some breakfast beer).  I was quite sore for the next 2 days.  My legs have never felt so completely tired.  But with several weeks to go, I’m feeling a little more confident in my ability to run an 8 minute mile half marathon.


SATURDAY: 1.5 hour run (we got just over 10 miles)

SUNDAY: 4 mile run

MONDAY: Easy 3 mile run, strength training

TUESDAY: 1.5 mile warm-up run, 8 sets of alternating 5-K speed and easy jog quarter miles (16 quarter miles, 8 at 5-k speed, 8 at jogging pace), 1 mile cool down run

WEDNESDAY: Easy 3 mile run, strength training

THURSDAY: 45 minute tempo run (10 minute warm-up run, 25 minutes at 10-K speed, 10 minute cool-down run)

FRIDAY: Day of Rest!

 Now, we are a little off this week’s schedule because I wasn’t about to spend my birthday running (sorry, I don’t love it that much), and we are running a 5-K race on Saturday (still hoping I will have enough adrenaline to finish in 22 minutes), but in an ideal world, this is the training plan we’d be following this week.

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