My Puppy Wears the Cone of Shame

Giuseppe lost his manparts on Tuesday.

He is 5 months old, which means that pretty soon he’d start becoming a man-dog.  In puppy terms that means he’d acquire a bunch of traits that aren’t ideal like humping, peeing on everything, aggression, and excessive womanizing.  So, based on the advice of our vet, we decided to get him neutered BEFORE any of those traits started to appear.

We actually got some very surprised reactions from people when we told them we were castrating the puppy.  In this day and age, I figured it was just a given that all non-breeding, non-show animals needed to be fixed.  Aside from losing out on little grandpuppies, I can’t find any drawbacks to getting him snipped.  People told us he’d be lazy, fat, and that he’d lose all of his playfulness.  I haven’t found any evidence to support these claims.

So,  I took him into the vet’s office bright and early on Tuesday morning and left him there with the sleepy looking nurse type person.  I spent all Tuesday completely distracted, wondering if he was ok, and I hated that he was going to wake up from his grogginess in a strange place with strange people. When I finally got a phone call at 2:30 letting me know he was ok,  I was completely relieved. 

I came home to find a very unresponsive, drugged out puppy who gave me an annoyed glare.  He was probably remembering that I was the evil villianous human who dropped him off at the torture chamber, and that Aaron was the nice, valiant hero who saved him.   He made it quite obvious that I wasn’t his favorite person at the moment. 

AND he was wearing and Elizabethan collar, aka Cone of Shame to prevent any wound licking which he wasn’t happy about.  I however thought he looked adorable!


But after a few hours he regained energy (and lots of it) and suddenly needed constant attention and cuddling.  We tried to crate him for bed (which we do every night), but he let out the world’s most pitiful cries, so I decided to let him out, and sleep on the couch so he wouldn’t feel abandoned. 

It didn’t help.

He was up all night crying constantly, trying to do everything in his power to get the blasted Cone of Shame off his head, hitting the Cone with his paw while trying desperately to scratch his head, and running around the living room like a crazy puppy, occasionally bumping into things because he couldn’t see them through the cone.

Tuesday night was ROUGH and I didn’t sleep.  About 2 am, Aaron came out into the living room, and laid down next to Giuseppe who immediately calmed down next to him (if I wasn’t dead tired, I probably would have gushed over how cute this looked).    I had been trying all night to calm this poor little puppy, and Aaron gives it a go, and the puppy is fine.  I think this means that Aaron should be one who gives up nights of sleep to comfort the puppy (and any future babies)!

I sent Aaron back to bed,  grabbed my pillow from the couch, and set myself up to sleep on the floor next to Giuseppe.  I guess he just needed someone to lay down next to him in order to be ok because he fell asleep.  So we slept rather uncomfortably for about 2 hours until it was time to get up.  

Since then, Giuseppe has been doing great! He’s full energy, doesn’t seem to be in any pain, and is getting more used to life as a cone head (we have to leave it on for a week or until he shows no interest in wound licking).   And even though he has a bad case of cone hair, at least he doesn’t have to worry about impressing the ladies.  I on the other hand have a stiff neck and haven’t been able to snap out of the exhaustion (neither has Aaron).

But at least I won’t have a humping puppy.



5 thoughts on “My Puppy Wears the Cone of Shame

  1. I think it’s a really good thing to get your dog fixed if you aren’t showing or breeding. My dog got fixed around the same age and he isn’t lazy or fat and is super playful! It’s also ridiculous how cute dogs can be in the cone of shame, whenever my dog has to wear it he just gives me the most pitiful eyes and I melt…

  2. Your dog is adorable! I’ve always wanted to get a dog (but I think university officials might have their way withe me if I get one right now). 😀

    Admittedly, all I could think while reading this was the line from Up: “I do not like the cone of shame.”

  3. @ Annie…glad to hear more evidence that puppies are just fine after getting fixed! And I agree…I love how cute he is in the Cone of Shame!

    @ Cary…I love Up (and the Up dog)! We were quoting that all Tuesday night!

  4. WOW! Never heard of a bra eating dog before! Giuseppe definitely looks sad in his cone (though he is getting more used to it), and I do feel bad thinking he looks so cute in it because I know he doesn’t like it. Luckily it should come off in the next couple of days. I will remember to keep my bras away!

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