Training Tuesday Week 4…on a Wednesday

I love 3 day weekends.

But after a 3 day weekend, I am completely confused, disoriented, and behind for the rest of the week.   

So, I normally write about half marathon stuff on Tuesdays because both Training and Tuesday start with T.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way this week.  So, we’re doing Training Tuesday on a Wednesday because it kind of feels like it should be Tuesday anyway.


I took off a whole week from training.  I wasn’t feeling well, and Aaron agreed that I was better off taking it easy than making myself worse. After sitting comatose for 6 days,  I expected Monday’s run to be nothing short of hellacious. 

But by some weird cosmic occurence, I felt strong and energetic.  Maybe weeks off should be incorporated into the training plan? I have finally felt back to normal during the last 3 days, and I think my body is finally realizing that it better get with the program or suffer the painful consequences.  And I really want to run a 22 minute 5-K next Sunday, so my body can either accept it or crash and burn in the middle of a bunch of happy shiny running people at the race.


SATURDAY: Rest day

SUNDAY: 5-k race (or a 3.1 mile run at full racing speed)

MONDAY: Easy 3 mile run, strength training

TUESDAY: Hill Training: 2 mile warm-up run, 14 uphill sprints (recovery run back down), 1.5 mile cool-down run

WEDNESDAY: 3 mile run, strength training

THURSDAY: 40 minute tempo run: 10 minute warm-up, 20 minute at a 10-K pace, 10 minute cool-down


And resting is exactly what I’m going to do right now.  I slept 2 hours last night, so I’m in no condition to be awake right now. 




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