Not At All A Bad End To Summer

Well, Welcome to fall, I guess….(P.S. I am rather sleep deprived, work stressed, and worried about my poor little puppy who is getting his you-know-whats chopped off as we speak…so this may make no sense whatsoever.  AND I mostly wrote it yesterday, so it sounds kind of present tense when it really isn’t).

I’m amazed every year how, magically, the weather seems to know that it is Labor Day.   Thursday night was rather warm but by Saturday night, temperatures cooled, and now the reality of the ending summer is hitting me. 

Although, if this has to be the last “real” weekend of summer, then at least we took full advantage of the fleeting warm weather to be outside and have some fun!

1) Homemade Happy Hour!  Last week I put in enough hours to leave a couple of hours early on Friday without feeling bad about it, so our weekend got to start a little bit early!  I had been feeling a little under the weather all week and wasn’t looking so cute by Friday, so instead of going out for happy hour, Aaron whipped up a feast with a little help from our friends at Trader Joe’s and Santa Fe Brewing Company.  We had Freestyle Pilsner, grilled pineapple, sweet potato fries, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, turkey meatballs, grilled shrimp, and pita chips.  Definitely a feast worth staying in for!  

Poor Giuseppe had to spend the first part of the weekend in a little cast that my mom made him to help repair a small cut he got on his paw.  We called him Pirate Giuseppe because he looked like he was walking around with a peg leg.

2) New Mexico Wine Festival!  Saturday kicked off one of my favorite events of the year:  The New Mexico Wine Festival!  Aaron and I take our wine festivals pretty seriously.  Because most of the wineries are small and locally owned, they don’t distribute, so we have to stocking up for the year at the wine festival. We make sure to try out everything, take lots of notes, and then buy plenty of bottles to take home.  Because this wine festival is typically very crowded, we usually  have to fight off sunburned drunks who try to get as many free tastings as they can.  This year however, we got there right at the opening, and left just as the crowd was starting to accumulate.

We came home with 7 bottles to add to our wine rack!

3) Bachelorette…I mean 40th Birthday Party:  Saturday night, our friend was having his 40th birthday, and based on the decor, I think the party had a bachelorette  theme.  Representations of male anatomy everywhere!  As a result, I found 1 picture that was blog appropriate.  Always a fantastic time with those wild and crazy friends!


4) Sunday Funday…er Family Day (not that family isn’t fun):  Sunday was a family day so we had brunch with my family, and dinner with Aaron’s family.  We went to Chama River Brewing with my family, and ate like rabbits with a salad that looked like a rabbit.  Aaron’s dad BBQ’d some chicken and we got to enjoy one of our wine festival purchases!  AND Aaron worked on his bike in between.

5) The much anticipated arrival of the PSL: Monday, I got to catch up with friend Kay, and since we went to Starbucks, I decided to ask the nice barista (baristo? ) if he could please make me a pumpkin spice latte, AND HE DID! They officially come out tomorrow (even though facebook is full of early PSL drinkers), so I kind of feel like a very special person because I got one BEFORE I was supposed to. (By the time I post this, they will be readily available).

AND I was dumb and took a picture of my cup, but took a picture of the wrong side that doesn’t say PSL, so I had to scan the receipt in order to prove that I did in fact have a pumpkin spice latte instead of just saying that I did. 

5) Another BBQ:  Monday night we were invited to a BBQ with some of Aaron’s coworkers.  We had to bring a side dish, so we called on Trader Joe’s again for all of the fixings (sidenote…how do people eat without Trader Joe’s?).  Unfortunately, we don’t have a party platter, and the only one Aaron could find  was a bright green one.  We left it there and are  not hoping to get it back!  (Aaron was almost too embarrassed to let me take this picture).   The BBQ was very pleasant, and I learned way more about outdoorsy stuff in Yellowstone than I ever cared to know. 

 So, now after eating more BBQ this weekend than anyone should eat, I’m sitting here watching the season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because I am a RHOBH addict.

Tomorrow Giuseppe is getting fixed.    I’m personally ok with the procedure because I know it will prevent unwanted neighborhood puppies, aggression, humping, territory marking, and an extra $150 fine from the city.  But I am giving him a little extra love tonight because he will be having a long day tomorrow.  (UPDATE: Giuseppe has been taken in and left in the vet’s office…I’m kind of having an anxiety attack).

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