What I’m Loving Wednesday, August 31

Doing the weekly list of happiness link-up with Jamie at This Kind of Love.

Yikes.  Kind of had a long day today.  After staying up all night with a sick puppy, I had to stay at work way longer than I wanted to.  I wasn’t really feeling the love by the time I got home.  Luckily, after a couple of glasses of wine  and some surprise flowers from Aaron, I’m back on track! This is what I’m loving on this last Wednesday of August (but this time it really IS the last Wednesday in August…unlike last week).

1. Labor Day Weekend Straight Ahead!  I’m a sucker for any weekend, but 3 day weekends really make me happy.  This weekend we have birthday parties, Labor Day BBQ’s, and of course, the New Mexico Wine Festival among other festivities!


2. J Brand Jeans: I consider these jeans to have magical powers, like making my legs look 10 times longer than they really are. Plus, Dutchess Kate wears them, and I try to live my life my What Would Kate Do.



3. Grape Stomping: I Love Lucy is directly responsible for me wanting to do this.  I’m finally going to get my chance!  I will be grape harvesting and stomping (followed by drinking) in a couple of weeks at Casa Rondena!


4. Aaron-made Eggplant Parmigiana: I don’t know how to cook, and I’ve never felt particularly compelled to learn how.  Chef Aaron on the other hand is spectacular in the kitchen.  His amazing eggplant parmigiana made my week.


5. Monsoon Season: I really am not a desert person.  Unfortunately, I’ve lived most of my life in the desert.  Usually, during the summer months we get a little bit of rain to help sustain life, but not so much this summer.  Until now.  We’ve had some glorious thunderstorms over the past couple of weeks.  Waking up to the fresh smell of rain is heavenly.

"Monsoon Season" by TheBlindHog redbubble.com


6. Britney Spears: As hard as I try not to, I LOVE Britney.  I’m happy that she’s come out of her dark days, and I’m happy that she’s being productive.  Her VMA tribute reminded me of all her songs I’ve loved throughout the years.



7. Mushroom Picture: I took this when we went on our hike on Sunday.  It really makes me want to transform into a faery and make it my home.


8. Daily Pinterest Find: I love vintage travel posters, and I love San Francisco.  This reminds me that I will be on vacation there soon!


9. First Wives Club: This movie was on some obscure movie channel last night, and I was immediately taken back to freshman year of college when my friends and I would watch it over and over again, and sing and dance to “You Don’t Own Me.”  The cast is glorious, 90’s chick movie heaven.


10. Anthropologie Birthday Pouch: My birthday is coming up here pretty soon, and all of the stores that I spend lots of money at are sending me special birthday discount cards.  This little surprise from Anthropologie just goes way beyond in its attempt to get me into their store to buy something for my birthday.

Two days until the long weekend!

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