What I’m Loving Wednesday: August 24

Continuing my weekly link-up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesdays.

 I kind of had a hard time mustering up 10 things that I loved this week.  Perhaps my world is a little less loveable without fried food and laziness?  In any case, here is my “stretching it” list of things I love today, the last Wednesday of August (I wrote this and then looked at the calendar and realized that next Wednesday is actually the last Wednesday in August).

1. The name “Taco Stein.”  I truthfully haven’t been following the case of the missing lady in Aruba too closely (though, if you want a good/entertaining albeit unofficial synopsis, go here), but I do know that the Prosecutor General down there is named Taco Stein, which I think is a pretty cool name, and definitely a guy I would take seriously without giggling every time I heard him being called Taco…


2. Elsa Ross: This is a boutique in Nob Hill.  Under most circumstances I don’t  shop there because Diane von Furstenberg doesn’t really fit in my budget, but they have a great denim selection so I bought a pair of jeans there last weekend.  This store has AMAZING customer service.  The nice sales girl made sure that I picked the  right pair of jeans (and she brought out TONS for me to try), she was  informative about the clothes and brands, and the store will hem jeans for you which is always an added bonus.  AND THEN, to top it all off, yesterday, the owner called me just to make sure that I needed them hemmed up that much (of course I do because I’m shorter than a normal human). 

3. German for Drinkers: I’ve been following Oktoberfest Denver on facebook, and yesterday they started a “word of the day” but in German and related to drinking.  I’m excited to pick up some of this useful information!  For example, yesterday I learned that WAMPN is a “patronising expression for an oversized, hanging belly, caused by over-consumption of either fatty foods or beer.” I can’t wait to incorporate that into everyday conversation!


4. Daily Pinterest Inspiration: When browsing Pinterest this morning, I found this amazing looking tree house.  There are really only 2 requirements I have for a house.  One is a pool with a swim-up pool bar, the second is a tree large enough to build a house in.  When I find that house, I shall build this treehouse.  The rest of the blog entry, featuring some of the world’s best tree houses is here.


5. Puppy Jacket: Friend Rossann used to have Westies, and she very generously passed on some of her old puppy clothes for Giuseppe to wear (and chew).  I love this jacket so much that I am seriously considering buying a matching one. 


6. Warm weather: I’m happy to report that instead of cooling down, Albuquerque is actually getting warmer! Today is anticipated to be Day 2 of record-breaking August heat!



7. Pumpkin Lattes: As much as I love warm weather, and as much as I shamelessly complain that summer is almost over, all this talk about fall has me seriously craving a Starbucks Pumpkin latte.  They aren’t available until September 1st, but I might be willing to bribe a nice barista to sneak some pumpkin flavoring in a little early.   Can they do that?


8. Green Chile Season: I was driving to work today and noticed some vendors setting up some roasters in the Sunflower parking lot.  Green Chile Season has arrived! I know that the drought conditions have affected the crop this year, so remember to buy early and buy in bulk. (When I got home Aaron already had picked up some!)

9. Most Interesting Man In the World Radio Ad Campaign: Seriously amazing.  Makes my day every time I hear one.  (The TV ones are ok, but not quite the same caliber).  I’ve often wondered if the character was based on Francisco d’Anconia  from Atlas Shrugged.  In any case, I think that ad campaign is great, even if it really has NOTHING to do with the product it is trying to sell.  ‎

10. Aaron and Giuseppe:When I read the What I’m Loving Wednesday posts from other girls that participate in the link up, they always list their husband as something they love (on Wednesdays). When drafting a list, I usually forget to put mine on there.  Does this mean I’m an unloving wife??? I don’t know, but I think it goes without saying that I won the husband (and puppy) lottery when I landed these two fellas.  Today, I had a dinner. a mojito, and a very excited puppy ready and waiting for me when I got home from work. If that doesn’t scream “won the husband and puppy lottery,” I don’t know what does.

Happy Wednesday! (only 7 more working days until Labor Day Weekend!)

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