Training Tuesday Week 2

*NOTE: I’m not sure why my half marathon training needs to continue since obviously the world is ending.  Earthquakes: not just for Californians.

ANYWAY: Saturday kicked off Week 2 of our half marathon training plan.  The first week was kind of rough, especially because it is still a little hot to be working out outside in the afternoons…and I’ve been kind of lazy ever since getting back from Jamaica, so my cardiovascular fitness level isn’t where it was pre beach vacation.  But,  after a week of training, I’m starting to feel a little less wheezy, and I think I’m going a little faster.  I also ran the farthest I’ve ever gone on Sunday…7.06 miles!  I celebrated with a piece of blueberry pie a la mode for lunch.

Here’s the  Aaron Approved training plan for this week.

SATURDAY: 4 mile run (up 1 mile from last week)

SUNDAY: 1 hour and 10 minute run (we got in 7.06 miles)…(up 10 minutes from last week)

MONDAY: Easy 3 mile run, full body strength training

TUESDAY: 1.5 mile warm-up run followed by hill intervals (sprint up the hill, jog down, 8 sets), 1.5 mile cool-down run (the hill should be  about a quarter-mile long)

WEDNESDAY: Easy 3 mile run, full body strength training

THURSDAY: 35 minute tempo run: 15 minutes jogging pace, 15 minutes at a 10-k pace, 5 minutes jogging pace

FRIDAY: free day (yoga, pilates, walking)/ or make-up day for any missed runs.

Also on hiatus since Jamaica is a good diet plan.  Since last week, we’ve started eating healthier again, and I’ve noticed a definite difference when running.  Eating a huge Frontier burrito the night before a long run creates an unpleasant situation.  Healthy food the night before does not. So, as much as I really don’t like eating fish (and trust me, I really don’t like eating fish), I gave in and eat it at least once a week.  Mai Mai from Trader Joe’s is actually not completely terrible.   Added bonus…fish is one of the healthiest things you can eat.


Another part of running (biking/walking/etc.) in Albuquerque is the crazy amount of goat heads that make their way into our house.  Goat heads are these evil little buggers that grow on weeds.  They are like little clusters of  tiny, painful needles. When it rains, as it did finally last week, these weeds pop up everywhere, especially on dirt running trails, and the little goat heads stick to the bottom of our running shoes.  Stepping on one is not the most fun thing you’ll ever do.  Strangely enough, I’ve never heard of goat heads existing anywhere else in the country.  We’re just lucky, I guess. 

All of the little brown things stuck to my shoe are goat heads


Happy Tuesday! (a.k.a. The Day The Earth Didn’t Stand Still).

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