Live As If You’ll Die Today

Today I did something that I hope to never do again.

I only met Cameron Weiss once or twice, but this afternoon I went to his funeral.  He died Saturday morning from a heroin overdose.

I wish I could expand on the importance of not doing drugs, or the importance of living life to the fullest, but really, this situation sucks, and I don’t yet have the brain power to get passed that. 

To his family, we cannot express how saddened we are by a life lost too soon. To everyone else, I am frustrated that someone else’s child suffers the same fate and that, unfortunately, this won’t be the last heroin overdose.  I am frustrated that the drug trafficking industry brings in so much money, so people will continue trying to get new customers addicted.  I am frustrated that  I can raise my child in the right neighborhood and surrounded by the right people, and maybe that won’t be enough to keep them safe. 

Today I realized evil exists in many forms, and one of them is in heroin and addiction in general. 

Cameron Weiss would have turned 19 in September.

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