Training Tuesday Week 1 and Tractor Brewery

Today will be my first “Training Tuesday” highlighting my half-marathon preparation which officially kicked off on Saturday.  I’m not gonna lie…eating more carbs and not feeling guilty about it has been a nice change!

Most experts agree that before jumping into training for a half marathon, you should have been doing 3-4 mile runs for about 6 months.


SATURDAY: Easy 3 mile run

SUNDAY: Run for 1 hour and then stop (hopefully not too far away to get back!)

MONDAY: Easy 3 mile run, weight-lifting (legs)

TUESDAY: Interval training: 1.5 mile warm-up jog, 5 sets of alternating 5-k speed quarter miles with jogging quarter miles (so…10 times around the track: 5 at a brisk pace, 5 at a jog pace), 3/4 mile cool down jog/walk, weight-lifting (upper body)

WEDNESDAY: Easy 3 mile run, weightlifting (legs)

THURSDAY: 30 minute “tempo” run (10 minute easy jog, 15 minutes at 10-k pace, 5 minutes cool-down jog), weight-lifting (upper body)

FRIDAY: off day…this can be used to make up any missed workouts, or can include swimming, yoga, or Pilates

I did also want to share some quick thoughts and pictures from our Friday night excursion to the new microbrewery, Tractor Brewing Company that just opened up on August 5th in Nob Hill (on Tulane behind Starbucks).  This brewery is based out of Los Lunas, and their Albuquerque location makes yet another locally owned microbrewery for us to choose from.  Beer is carbs, so I figure I’m loading up on running energy.

They have a clever website name:

They have a dog friendly patio which Giuseppe loved.

They have an open air atmosphere with a great indoor/outdoor space.

They don’t serve food, but we saw several people getting pizza walked over from Slice Parlor.

Fixed and Free (a fixed gear bike shop) is next door, so you get to do some people watching (Aaron liked bike watching)

As for the beer: we did a taster (everything but the IPA) and decided we like the Double Plow Oatmeal Stout and the Haymaker Honey Wheat the best.  I wasn’t a fan of their regular Pale Ale, but IPA fans should enjoy it.  All the other regular and seasonal selections were good too.

This place is great, friendly service, good beer, and we definitely plan on going back!

Also noteworthy from this weekend…. a man walking a goat down Central (which is unusual even for that neighborhood!).

Now, as I go wallow in my miserable soreness, watch out for Dan who will be taking over Lavender Parking tomorrow for the great Blog Swap!

5 thoughts on “Training Tuesday Week 1 and Tractor Brewery

  1. Tractor Brewing Company sounds great! The Double Plow Oatmeal Stout looks delicious. (And oatmeal stouts are my favorite, so you know… XD)

    Looking forward to “taking over” tomorrow! I’m putting on the finishing touches right after I post this. (:

  2. wow! your half marathon will be here before you know it and you will be mega buff and in shape. so jealous. As always, Giuseppe looks adorable and sitting here at work I’m drooling over more beer pictures. Hopefully we can hang out in real life soon like normal people instead of me just keeping tabs on you via blogs and facebook…and we will drink beer (in my efforts to help you with your carb loading). Miss you!

    • I know! When you were blog MIA for a few weeks, I was thinking, I wonder what Rebecca is doing… I think you will really like Tractor!

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