What I’m Loving Wednesday: August 10

So, it is Wednesday, and I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday.

I tried this out last week, and I think my mood improved drastically because of it.   Despite my goal to always be positive and thankful for what I have, by Wednesday, I am so over not having enough hours in a day, spending the majority of my life at work, trying to keep the house clean (or getting mad that the house isn’t clean and I don’t feel like fixing it), etc., etc.,  I forget to stop and love life for a minute.  I am grumpy and I want to complain about everything, and curl up into a little ball of self with a bottle of wine until the weekend comes.  This week especially has been draining because the world seems to be in complete disarray (SO thankful I’m not mature enough to be investing…I’d be having a heart attack every few minutes).  What I Love Wednesday actually forces me to be positive and find things in the world that don’t suck. So, here it is: What I am loving this Wednesday.

1) Pan Am…the new ABC series: So I don’t really know what this will be about, and I hardly ever watch Network TV, but I completely support any measure to live out the early 60’s.  Since Mad Men seems to be doing everything it can not to be on my TV, I think I may have to substitute with this lovely looking series.


2) Pretending that purchasing a lotto ticket means we’re actually going to win.  We always talk about winning the lottery.  After a long day of work it seems like a reasonable solutions.  But I truthfully think the last time I bought a ticket was on my 18th birthday.  This week, Aaron actually bought two tickets.  We’re already talking about what we’re going to do when we win tonight.  You won’t be hearing from me tomorrow because I will be on a first class flight to Tahiti.

3) British Accents: I know the riots are terrifying.  Seeing this beautiful city and those old beautiful buildings on fire is heartbreaking.  But all I can think of when they interview the rioters is, “my, what lovely accents they have.”  Only the Brits can make angry frustration sound charming.  But seriously, STOP RIOTING.

4) Proving horoscopes wrong: I don’t believe in horoscopes.  But not only do I subscribe to a daily horoscope email, but I actually open it and read it everyday.  When (like yesterday), my horoscope predicts that I will have a bad day and then I don’t, I kind of feel like, in the battle between Amy and the Universe, Amy wins big time. Take that, Universe.

5) Daily Pinterest Find: I wish Pinterest would have been around when I got married.  I’ve gotten so many ideas for my (hopefully) non-existent future wedding.  In the meantime, I couldn’t pick just one favorite this morning.

I’m positive Aaron has an extra bike that he wouldn’t mind having converted into this lovely garden accessory.  Get it? Lavender? Get it?

Occasionally I dabble into fancy cupcakes.  I would love to create something this beautiful.

I love finding crafts on Pinterest that I’ve thought of first (actually I think Pottery Barn may have inspired this one for me).  Though a slightly different variation than my Pinterest find, all my wine corks go into a lantern display.

6) Hans Von Walter: Jeopardy is on a summer vacation right now, so they are showing reruns.  This week is college semi-finals week, and I have decided that I love contestant Hans Von Walter.  Not only does he have a cool name, but by the looks of him, I would be less surprised if he was named anything else in the world.  Plus, he swept the competition, earning so much money during the normal rounds that he didn’t have to wager a cent during Final Jeopardy to win.  He also (incorrectly) answered the Daily Doubles with witty answers (“nomad hyphen people”).

7) Lite radio: I usually don’t listen to Lite radio unless it is Christmastime, but there is a nationwide Clear Channel competition to win tickets (plus airfare and hotel) to the I Heart Radio music festival in Las Vegas.  Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, etc., etc., etc. will be performing and I kind of want to go.  About 5 times a day they have a cue to call, and if you are the 20th nationwide caller,  you win.  I have been dialing like crazy.  Lite Radio is the only station locally participating that I want to listen to, and it turns out, I’ve been missing out by ignoring it all this time.  Where else can you hear Shania, Duran Duran, Michael Buble, and Phil Collin’s version of True Colors all in a 20 minute span?


8. Pawn Stars: Despite myself, I can watch hours of Pawn Stars on the History Channel.  Although in real life I try to avoid pawn stores like the plague, I want to go to Vegas just so I can see a Houdini straight jacket or other crazy historical artifact.  Because historians and experts are called in to consult on most purchases, I kind of feel like I’m learning something.  The stars of the show are doing a local Gold and Silver show in a couple of weeks.  I don’t think I’d actually buy tickets because basically you have no guarantee to actually see the stars. BUT!  I’m trying to win VIP Meet and Greet tickets by texting my radio station prize line every few minutes….I’m determined to win SOMETHING this week.


9) Late Summer Rose Bloom: This year has not been kind to plants in New Mexico.  First, we had warm temperatures in late January causing all the plants to come out of hibernation, only to have the first week of February hit record low -20 degree temperatures (which NEVER happens), causing them to all to die.  The ones that survived have had no water this summer.  Our poor rose had such a mediocre blooming season, but all of the sudden yesterday, a new group blossomed.

10) My little family: Because how could I not?

Happy Wednesday!

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