What I’m Loving Wednesday: August 3

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of blog stalking. I find a blog, read it, then click on links to other blogs on that blog’s blogroll, and keep going and going and going until I feel like I have made 100 new friends from all over the place who don’t know that I know them.  Turns out this blog thing is a very imtimate form of social media that may extend even beyond facebook and twitter in its ability to connect people.  Despite the obvious creepy factor,  the blogosphere is an exciting arena with so much information and common experiences to be shared.

One of the things I’ve noticed on many of these blogs are these theme days were everyone writes about the same thing and links to the other people writing about the things they’re writing about.  Its like Homecoming Spirit Week for the blogging world without the cheesy “Lei your date” jokes.

Lord knows how I found “This Kind of Love,” ( she has a pirate themed classroom, so she must be cool) but I thought her theme day of “What I’m Loving Wednesday” would be a fun one to start off with because I love a lot of things, and well, it is Wednesday.  So here goes: my first attempt at being a blogger/linking/theme day type person.

What I’m loving on this, the first Wednesday of August:

1) The Frontier Airlines Colorado Sale:  Aaron and I  booked our flights to Denver for $30 each way! I spent more at Lululemon this weekend than I did on my round trip flight to another state.

2) Lululemon.  In general, all workout clothes seem to look the same.  Lululemon makes clothes that make me excited to workout, and Lord knows I know I need all of the excitement and motivation I can get.  I bought the World’s cutest running shirt this weekend (the maroon one on the left) to add to my collection.

My Lululemon collection

3) Bulldozing mayor:  I would be more than a little upset if my car fell victim to this angry mayor’s approach to solving the illegal parking problem, but I bet this Mercedes owner will think twice before parking in a no parking zone again.

4) Surprise Flowers: I love that Aaron never lets my flower vase go empty for too long

5) Phone dates with old friends:  The longer I’m out of college (yikes…4 years now), the less I talk to people who I knew in California.  After a few months hiatus, last night I finally caught up with friend and Bridesmaid Kaitlin.

via Pinterest

6) Lady gaga’s cancer response:  Yesterday Lady Gaga was a guest on The View.  This is the way all pop stars should answer serious questions.  After learning about an FDA warning about hot dogs increasing the risk of colon cancer: “I think hot dogs are just jealous that cigarettes are more controversial.”


7) New shoes: Last week I bought too many pairs of shoes.  After a shoe shopping binge over the weekend, I did some online shopping late last week.  I had been stalking these ones since the came out, and finally last Wednesday, I came across a 40% off clearance sale for them, and I couldn’t resist. I’ve already worn them twice.

8. Kate Middleton Grocery Shopping: I don’t know why a Dutchess/wife of the future king would be doing her own grocery shopping, but such a lovely reminder that the royals are just like us, but prettier and with nicer clothing.


9) Printerest is my new source for internet images.  You’re almost guranteed not to get any ugly pictures but instead find a ton of beautifulness.  Of a huge selection, this was my favorite find of the morning.  I want my future house to look like this (this is obviously after the huge promotion, pay raise, and relocation).

10) Giuseppe.  Probably half the pictures I take are of his overwhelming cuteness.  This is a picture of him trying to eat the air conditioning while riding in the car.

Well, there it is.  My attempt to be a blogger cool kid.  Happy Wednesday! (aka 16 working hours until the weekend!).

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