I Like to Ride My Bicycle, I Like to Ride My Bike

Initially, when I started this blog, I was planning on it being a chronicle about the adventures of BOTH Lavenders.  To a certain extent, it kind of is, but I would be lying if i said Lavender Parking wasn’t very Amy centered.  My last entry  had a paragraph about shoe shopping for goodness sake. (And yes, I did buy another pair of shoes today)

So today, I thought I’d profile something very Aaron (and very non-Amy).  Granted Aaron would probably rather do anything in the world than sit and write about something (it sometimes baffles me that he graduated college with a higher GPA than mine), so blog entries about Aaron stuff will have to be written by me.  But at least I’m trying to be inclusive.  So here goes…Amy’s version of Aaron’s Bicycle obsession.


Aaron has an obsession with bicycles.  I haven’t been on a non-stationary bike in about 15 years so I don’t get it.  But he LOVES bikes as evidenced by his rather extensive collection.

4 out of the 5 bikes that Aaron owns...

When it was a bit cooler than the current 95 degree temps, Aaron was actually commuting to work on his bike (a 12 mile one-way adventure), despite the fact that he has to leave the house at 5 am to make it on time.  Crazy? I think yes. 

His newest obsession is building a bamboo bike.  We found a workshop in San Francisco where you buy the materials and learn how to make one, but they aren’t hosting one when we are there for our upcoming half-marathon vacation (www.bamboobikestudio.com).  I am trying to figure out a way to accommodate his bamboo bike needs as a Christmas present.

I was constantly being judged about the amount of time I spend on the internet.  Which is understandable (and yes, I do need to stop checking facebook statuses every 5 minutes even if it means I miss something vitally important like where someone I haven’t talked to since middle school is eating dinner).  Then Aaron discovered bike blogs, and now he has to do his daily check of his favorites:



Ok…that is kind of my extent of bicycle knowledge.  Basically, Aaron has bikes, he likes to buy new bikes,  he rides bikes (a lot), he likes to repair bikes and build bikes, and he likes to look at pictures of bikes.  Yeah, that’s all I got.  Luckily, there are pictures!

Note the 5 am darkness

Giuseppe likes bikes too!


I think he is so much more endearing with a bike cap!

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