Wishing for Brasil 2014

source: noholidaynolife.com

Even though I don’t really have much interest in sports, I will follow two things: college basketball (well, my college team anyway, and usually only if they are winning, which they sometimes do, though sometimes not… but it’s a sore subject and I don’t want to talk about it), and World Cup Soccer.  Last summer during the Men’s World Cup in South Africa, I was unemployed so I watched about 95% of all the games for the entire tournament, and kind of became obsessed with Landon Donovan and Wayne Rooney ( who, like Hugh Grant, likes to hang out with prostitutes).

I will admit that the only game I watched this summer for the Women’s World Cup was the final game on Sunday, and chances are I wouldn’t have watched it had the U.S. not been involved (though, muchos congratulations to Japan).  And I probably will not remember Abby Wambach or Hope Solo in 12 years the way I remember Brandy Chastain and Mia Hamm.  But watching the game on Sunday renewed my excitement for the next (Men’s) World Cup…Brazil 2014!

Last summer, in the height of the excitement, Aaron and I decided that we must watch the World Cup in person in 2014.  Not only would we get to see one of the world’s biggest sporting events live, but we would also be in…BRAZIL!  We’d be alternating between soccer and drinking caipirinhas at Ipanema Beach.

Brazil is AMAZING.  I can actually say this with authority because I spent a month there during my senior year of college in 2007.  Me along with 11 classmates escaped the freezing cold of January to enjoy the Brazilian Summer.  The Brazilians treated us like family, and despite a language barrier, we never felt like foreigners.  The beaches and food are great, and that big Jesus statue (Christo de Redentor) is actually quite breathtaking.  Plus, the currency exchange rate means you get things for about half price.

Copacabana Beach, 2007

Christo de Redentor, 2007

The country is also obsessed with soccer.  While I’ve seen some rowdy (American) football fans, and Lord help any Boston Red Socks fan who try to pick a fight with my Yankee loving husband, Brazilian futbol fans are in a whole different league of dedicated.  We went just months after the 2006 Cup where Brazil didn’t win the tournament for the first time since 1994, and the country was still in mourning.  We went to a season opener game, and the chants of the fans shook the stadium.

Brazilian Soccer Game

Brazilian Soccer Fans

My feet in legendary soccer star Pele's feet

I don’t know if this Soccer/Brazilian adventure will actually happen, but I can keep this as a happy dream in my heart for the next three years.  Brazil isn’t exactly the cheapest place to fly to, and I can imagine that hotel costs will be jacked up pretty darn high for the festivities.  And, I don’t really know how the tickets to the games work, but I’ve heard that there is some sort of a lottery system so we might be watching Wayne and Landon duke it out in the finals (HA!)….or we might be watching some game between some countries that we care nothing about at the very beginning of the tournament.  But even then, I think being there and being part of a worldwide celebration would be worth getting whatever tickets we end up with.

So, here’s to dreaming about futbol, Landon, Wayne, and RIO in 2014.

Welcome to Rio!

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